EKPSS Lot Applications Started

Ekpss rate applications started
Ekpss rate applications started

Applications for Disabled Public Personnel Selection Examination (EKPSS) have begun for the placements to be made by lot.

Applications for the EKPSS draw will end on November 30, 2020. Disabled candidates who are graduates of Kuraya, Primary School, Secondary School, Primary Education and Special Education Business Application Center (School) or who are able to graduate from these schools as of the deadline will be able to apply.

Pre-Acceptance and Declaration of Commitment Certificate Will Be Prepared by Provincial Directorates

The name, surname of the candidate, the disability group specified in the medical board report for the disabled, the candidate's TR Identity Number, and the type of placement will be filled in by the Provincial Directorates of the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services. Candidates will apply to the ÖSYM application center with this document within the application dates.

Since the "Adult Education Second Level Achievement Certificate" given to those who attend literacy programs organized by the Directorates of the Public Education Center operating under the Ministry of National Education is considered to be equivalent to the first five grades of the primary school as the education level, the disabled candidates who have this certificate apply to participate in the lottery. they can be found.

Lot Application Conditions

Since the lottery registrations made in 2018 are valid for four years as of the date of registration, candidates who have entered the 2018-EKPSS or have applied for a lottery will be able to apply for the 2020-EKPSS / Lot if they wish.

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