Cable Car Project and Izmit Traffic

Cable Car Project and Izmit Traffic
Cable Car Project and Izmit Traffic

The municipalities present the metro and cable car projects as "prestige projects" to our people. Before making big investments decisions, necessary studies and business efficiency studies should be done, and this information should be shared with our people and non-governmental organizations.

The cable car and Sekaray projects of our city have been introduced to the people of Kocaeli before, but they have not been put into service.

Finally, we need to find the answers to the following questions for the ropeway project that comes to the agenda.

Where will the cable car route be?

Is the cable car investment to solve the public transportation problem? Or will it be made for tourist purposes?

Has a passenger potential study been conducted for this line? What is the target daily passenger transport amount?

What will be the investment cost?

Cable car projects available in our country

The number of passengers carried per day is between 1000 and 4000 people.

Ropeways carry passengers within 500 meters.

It should not be forgotten that it will be out of service in windy weather.

The number of personnel required for operation should be added to operating costs. Even if the two-stage ropeway is built, it will not meet the real need when the line length and passenger capacity are considered.

There is a transportation problem between Izmit Center and Umuttepe. Bus Station-Umuttepe and Izmit Center-Umuttepe are approximately 11 km, and Umuttepe altitude is 400 meters. An economical transportation method should be developed immediately for Umuttepe Hospital staff, patients and university students' instructors.

It is clear that the cable car investment will not be a solution for public transportation.



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