Safe Driving Rules Training for Drivers

Safe Driving Rules Training for Drivers
Safe Driving Rules Training for Drivers

In the training organized jointly by Kocaeli Police Department and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality TransportationPark, drivers were given a training on 'Safe Driving Rules'. TransportationPark General Manager Salih Kumbar and relevant unit managers were also present at the opening of the training. 25 bus drivers attended the training held at the General Directorate of Transportation. All drivers will participate in the training that will take place every Tuesday and Thursday in certain periods.


In the training given to the drivers on the first day, general traffic information was conveyed at the entrance level. The Traffic Police Instructor, who attended the Kocaeli Police Department, told the drivers about the positive and negative events that they may encounter in traffic. Risks arising from speed and the use of seat belts were the main topics discussed. Explaining that speeding will bring disaster and seat belts will save lives, the police officer continued the training with examples from traffic accidents. Other topics covered under the title of general traffic information were mentioned, the importance of passing priority at intersections, traffic lights, traffic signs and the risks of using mobile phones while driving.


The instructor from Kocaeli Police Department talked about the most mistakes made while driving in traffic. He highlighted the items of penalties resulting from these mistakes and the point system. He mentioned a few of the fines to be applied according to the traffic law numbered 2918 and stated that if the drivers do not make such mistakes and they do, big penalties may be taken.


25 driver personnel who participated in the training, which was carried out by drawing attention to masks, hygiene and social distance, asked the trainer questions about the problems experienced in the city and outside. The drivers expressed their difficulties and the trainer took notes one by one and stated that he would provide information to solve the problems. In the training, which also adapted to the social distance rules, all the questions the drivers were curious about were answered in this question and answer application. Drivers at the end of the training; He conveyed that the training will be beneficial for them in terms of driving and refreshing information.

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