Chairman Soyer Attended Journalist Erbil Tusalp's Funeral

President Soyer Attended Journalist Erbil Tusalp's Funeral
President Soyer Attended Journalist Erbil Tusalp's Funeral

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer attended the funeral of journalist writer Erbil Tusalp, who died last Saturday. President Tunç Soyer said that Erbil Tusalp did not surrender while working as a journalist and did not compromise his freedom.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer attended the funeral ceremony held for Erbil Tusalp in Doğançay Cemetery. Former Minister of Labor and Social Security Yaşar Okuyan, CHP İzmir Deputy Atila Sertel, İzmir Journalists Association President Misket Dikmen, Erbil Tusalp's fans and relatives took part in the ceremony, where a limited number of participants were taken in accordance with the epidemic measures. CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu sent a wreath to the ceremony.

After the funeral prayer held in the cemetery due to the epidemic measures, the journalist Tusalp was buried in the prayers and tears of his loved ones. Chairman Soyer, who was among those who shouldered the coffin, expressed his condolences to Ayşegül Aktürk, wife of Erbil Tusalp.

"He was one of the most precious people"

The journalists then asked the Chairman of the Soyer feeling the ceremony, said: "One of perhaps the greatest test of a free press in Turkey took place September 12 period. Erbil brother really became one of the strongest of his time. He was one of the masters of what is called investigative journalism. He was one of his most precious people. He never surrendered. He never compromised his freedom, his thoughts, never gave up. In this sense, we will always keep his memory alive. We will continue to remember it with respect. "

Journalist and writer Erbil Tusalp died last Saturday in the hospital where he had been treated for COPD for a while.

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