Office Moving

Office move what? How is office transport done? Office relocation service is a professional type of service provided by shipping companies when changing offices. Considering office furniture, this type of transportation requires more meticulous, more careful and careful work than home-to-house transportation. Because in offices, there are generally items that are more susceptible to breakage and scratches. If these furniture-weighted items are damaged, the image of your office may be damaged by your customers.

In addition, the material value of the archives and files in the offices can be high. For this reason, the moving of offices is a must professional office transport It should be done carefully by the companies that provide the service. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to compensate for the damage encountered.

Office Transport

Office transport What should be considered while doing? There are some points that need to be considered while moving an office, and professional companies should definitely pay attention to the important points that we will list below:

  1. Expertise service: First of all, the type of office furniture to be transported is determined and recorded. Then, a professional valuation is made and the values ​​of the items are revealed. In addition, the vehicle to be transported according to the detected goods and distance is determined.
  2. Disassembled and packing: At this stage, the migration process has started. The items are carefully disassembled and packed. The most suitable packing alternatives are evaluated for each item.
  3. Setup: During the re-installation phase, the items are removed from their special packaging and reassembled by a professional team. At this stage, a professional assembly team must take part, independent of the transportation team.

If you are working with a professional company, you will be able to continue your business from where you left off with your new office without any delays.

Office Moving Companies

Office moving companiesare companies that carry out the relocation of your office and have trained teams. Which is the best office transport company in Istanbul?

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