National Tire at the World Rally Championship Track

National Tire at the World Rally Championship Track
National Tire at the World Rally Championship Track

The leader of Turkey's domestic capital PETLAS tire industry, as well as investment in the sector that mark, with responsible sports brand identity and continues to support the work of social development.

the Republic of Turkey Presidential patronage, 18-20 Sept. between Turkey Automobile Sports Federation (TOSFED), organized by the 19 athletes and 130 cars participants from 65 countries, 2020 FIA World Rally Championship 5th race of the Rally of Turkey is also home in the first two races of the Turkey Rally Championship hosts.

In this race, 4 teams will be on the track with PETLAS tires developed and produced in our country with domestic capital, domestic engineering and technology, and domestic labor.

In the race organization to be run on the same track as the World Championship race, Halim Ateş-Bahadır Gücenmez duo, driving the pioneer vehicle with door number "0" responsible for road safety, will try PETLAS tires on the track.

Emre Erciyas-Hakan Uçucu, Dağhan Ünlüdoğan-Aras Dinçer, Buğra Can Kılıç - Ali Emre Yılmaz will be the names that will look for a place on the podium with PETLAS tires in the race.

Rally of Turkey of a Turkish classic has a rightful place in the world championship is expressing PETLAS Sales Director Ahmet Candemir, "restricted programs conducted championships in pandemic conditions, to take place within the scope of a small number of conditions championship of Rally of Turkey, particularly Mr. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, including Mr Youth and It was made possible by the efforts of our Minister of Sports, Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu, Dear Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mehmet Ersoy, and other statesmen. We owe them gratitude. This race condition in the Turkey Rally Championship race on the same track, which was developed in our country and located in the world class once again produced our race tires gives us great pride and excitement. Here, we continue to improve our rally tires with the experiences we have gained last year and the data we receive after each race. The tires used this year are not the same as last year. We make changes in the carcass and mixture of our tires and we are constantly getting better. In TOSFED cooperation, PETLAS Motorsport department with our race tire we run our program, our biggest dream, a Turkish athlete, Turkey's tire is petlas'l world champion, "he said.

The 18-kilometer-long challenging rally, which will start with the start ceremony in Marmaris Atatürk Square on Friday, September 707, will end with an award ceremony in Asparan, on Sunday, September 3, after the struggle in 12 special stages in Marmaris and Datça regions for 20 days. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic that has affected the whole world, the rally allowed by the Ministry of Health General Directorate of Public Health without spectators will not create audience areas like in the past years.

Turkey Automobile Sports Federation (TOSFED) with cooperating and R & D last year, with the power PETLAS Motorsport department and racing tires that start to develop the program, our country tires produced by the Petlas domestic capital leading brand of tire industry, 2019 FIA World Rally Championship Rally of Turkey ' For the safety of the stage, it was used in the pioneer vehicles that took the task of sweeping before the competitors.

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