İzmir Metropolitan Awarded Innovative Ideas

İzmir Metropolitan Awarded Innovative Ideas
İzmir Metropolitan Awarded Innovative Ideas

Awards were given in the three-day marathon where young ideas competed to create a world-class entrepreneurship center in Izmir. Speaking at the awards ceremony, President Soyer said, “The Gas Factory has enlightened Izmir for 150 years. “Now, a new light is born with the ideas that come out of here”.

The “FikrimİZ Ideathon” event, organized by the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, located in the Historical Coal Gas Factory Youth Campus, to plan the road map together with the youth, has ended. In the idea marathon where 1 young people competed in 3 groups between 63-17 September, Group Space took the first place, Group Layer took the second place, and Efes 4.0 took the third place. kazanwas. Speaking at the award ceremony, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “The Air Gas Factory has illuminated İzmir for 150 years. Now, with the ideas coming out of this, a brand new light is born.”

Before the award ceremony sohbet Responding to his questions, Mayor Soyer said that young people will have a say in the future Izmir, they should insist on achieving their goals and that they will give them all kinds of support as mayor.

Creativity ecosystem

The third group in the marathon received its award from Betül Sezgin, the Chairman of the Board of Izmir Business Women Association, and the second group from Ion Academy Founding Member Ali Rıza Ersoy. The first team received the award from President Tunç Soyer. President Soyer, who was also on the jury of the marathon, said, “While opening the Historical Coal Gas Youth Campus, we aimed to develop the creativity ecosystem that will be one of the most important carriers of the local development struggle in İzmir. "Our Idea is our Idea," which was established to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of our young people and enable them to acquire a profession, and the Ideathon contest held within this framework was a precious marathon of ideas that served this very purpose. "

"FabLab İzmir and FikrimİZ is a chance for this city"

Saying that young people with their creativity and bright ideas are at the head of those who will turn the changes in the world into opportunities for İzmir, Soyer emphasized that they are making efforts to create opportunities for them, to enable them to think freely, and to enable them to produce solutions to their decision processes and problems. Soyer concluded his words as follows: “This is the reason why we gave the Coal Gas Factory, which enlightened Izmir for 150 years, to our young people to carry our city to a better future. This campus will both keep our culture of social solidarity alive and build a bridge between Izmir and the world as Izmir's young, productive and innovative place. I believe that this event, where creative and sustainable ideas for entrepreneurship and innovation will be revealed within the scope of 'Our Idea', will also make a significant contribution to this. "

Patrick Bosteels, one of the founders of Stage-Co, who was the organizer and facilitator of the event, emphasized that FabLab Izmir and FikrimİZ at the Havagazı Youth Campus are an important opportunity for this city and called on young people to use these environments.

They worked with mentors

On January 2020, FabrikaLab İzmir and FikrimİZ, operating under the Vocational Factory affiliated with the Metropolitan Municipality, moved to the Historical Gas Factory, which was converted into a Youth Campus in 30 with the initiative of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer. FikrimİZ held its first event with FikrimİZ Ideathon on September 1-3, 2020. In the marathon where 63 young people competed as 17 groups, answers were sought for the questions of what can be done to improve the entrepreneurship and innovation capacity of the Youth Campus and FikrimİZ, as well as what can be done to develop entrepreneurship throughout İzmir and to keep the bright minds raised in İzmir stay in their own city. During the three-day event held at the Historical Coal Gas Factory Youth Campus, the participants attended trainings on different subjects and had the opportunity to work with mentors on projects.

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