5 Million Dollars Grant for Smart Solutions to Istanbul Traffic

5 Million Dollars Grant for Smart Solutions to Istanbul Traffic
5 Million Dollars Grant for Smart Solutions to Istanbul Traffic

IMM made a new cooperation in order to make the public transportation route network efficient, reduce the average travel time and traffic congestion in order to relieve Istanbul traffic. IBB, US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA between) software company SAS with Turkey, "Istanbul Transport and Traffic Center of Excellence Project" to be used in the signed grant agreements of approximately $ 5 million.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), United States Trade and Development Agency (between USTDA) with the software company SAS Turkey, "Istanbul Transport and Traffic Center of Excellence Project" for use in the 5 million 117 thousand 887 dollars was signed grant agreement. The "Software License Grant Support Signature Ceremony" was held with the participation of IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu and the US Ambassador to Ankara David Satterfield as "physical" and other officials "virtual". Prior to the signing ceremony, İmamoğlu met with Ambassador Satterfield and his delegation in his office in Saraçhane. Sides, short sohbetAfter, he moved to the hall where the virtual meeting will be held.


Speaking after the speeches of the virtual participants, Ambassador Satterfield expressed his satisfaction with their cooperation with IMM. In the words of President İmamoğlu, "First of all, this project is located in the USTDA, I want to thank my friends from the SAS Turkey and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality," and began. Saying, "I find it very valuable and meaningful that cooperation between economic circles can continue in this critical time created by the pandemic period".

“I closely follow the activities carried out in data, artificial intelligence and advanced analytical solutions, which are indispensable areas of the new technology world. I think the government, local governments and the private sector should act together to keep up with fast technology in the world. So much so that there is a changing and developing transformation and we have to adapt to this transformation as soon as possible. Istanbul is an important milestone in the journey of smart urbanization, which is a pillar of this transformation in the world. Being one of the crowded metropolitan cities today, Istanbul continues its goal of being a smart city with technology. This way USTDA, IMM, and SAS Turkey's cooperation is very valuable. Istanbul has always been a favorite city with its geopolitical location and its historical heritage. However, this situation brought problems with it. The rapidly increasing population and problems such as unplanned urbanization have revealed a serious traffic problem. "


Stating that the traffic problem appeared in the first places in the surveys they made, İmamoğlu said, “For this reason, the 'Istanbul Transportation and Traffic Center of Excellence Project' has become much more important. With this project, we want to reduce the average travel time and traffic congestion. Thanks to the project, we will be able to make instant interventions that need traffic lights. Citizens using public transportation will be able to access the most convenient transportation solutions during peak hours. On this occasion, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who contributed to the realization of the Istanbul Transport and Traffic Center of Excellence Project and contributed to this process. I wish the project to be beneficial for the people of Istanbul ”. After the speeches, Mayor İmamoğlu and Ambassador Satterfield signed the grant agreement for the project that will offer "smart solutions" to Istanbul traffic. İmamoğlu and Satterfield shook hands in a "pandemic style" after the signature.

USTDA: Founded in 1992 to advance economic development and US business interests in developing and middle-income countries. The 2019 budget of USTDA, an independent public institution, is 79 billion dollars.

SAS Turkey: Founded in 1976 in North Carolina is a multinational software development analytics firm. It is the largest independent vendor in the business analytics software and business intelligence market.



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