Popular model of B-SUV Hyundaı Kona sounds assertive

Popular model of B-SUV Hyundaı Kona sounds assertive
Popular model of B-SUV Hyundaı Kona sounds assertive

Hyundai developed the KONA model by making up its claim to increase its claim in Europe and especially to continue its rise in the SUV segment. Hyundai, which enriches the current successful model and includes some technological equipment, wants to attract the attention of young users with its sporty equipment level N Line version.

KONA has been a success story for Hyundai in Europe since its first launch in 2017. Having an important market share in the rapidly growing SUV segment, Hyundai KONA sold more than 228 thousand units in the region. KONA proved how ambitious it is in terms of design by receiving the iF Design Award, Red Dot Award and IDEA Design Award in 2018. In addition, offering the world's first electric B-SUV model under the name of KONA Electric in the field of alternative fuel cars, Hyundai has strengthened its hand in terms of competition. Hyundai, which also offered the KONA Hybrid option for sale last year, now includes 48-volt mild hybrid technology.

Kona N Line for a sporty SUV

SangYup Lee, Senior Vice President of Hyundai Global Design Center, said, “Based on our research and analysis, we can see that KONA owners are very happy. While we are preparing our designs, we are inspired by our happy customers ”, emphasizing how important a design actually is.

With the make-up operation, driving pleasure is developed, Hyundai KONA also creates a strong emotional bond with its user with its extraordinary design. The N Line version prepared in this direction begins to differ from the current model with a more sporty front and rear design. It offers a narrow and sharp appearance thanks to its advanced LED daytime running lights, new bumper design and new headlight technology. The car, which draws attention with its body color dodics and plastic parts, also displays a very cool stance with its new generation 18-inch wheels.

KONA's new type grille is specially produced for the N Line version. The front bumper, which goes down compared to the regular version, is equipped with larger air openings. Symbolizing that it is different with the N Line logo on the grille and fenders, the car reinforces its dynamic image with its rear taillights.

While the rear bumper is presented in a contrasting color to the body, it tries to provide aerodynamics with a larger diffuser. The rear, supported by a single-sided double silencer, creates a better airflow with small spoilers placed in the corners.

The car, which will be available with a single-tone black N Line color package, has fabric, leather or suede seats. In addition, the N Line gear knob, red stitching on the seats, metal pedals and the N logo on the steering wheel offer a sportier look. In addition, the new console that comes with the make-up also makes a difference on the dashboard and the multimedia screen in the middle. The instrument panel is positioned further back, tilting it towards the windshield to provide a more spacious atmosphere. The ambient lighting of the car, to which an electric parking brake is added to increase the comfort level, also creates a premium feeling. The middle cup holder, passenger and driver's foot area is illuminated, highlighting the stylish and sporty style of the vehicle. In addition, new loops around the speakers and aluminum-coated air vents are beginning to offer a higher level of quality and elegance.

Hyundai KONA has become a new icon especially in the B-SUV segment with its bold and extraordinary design. In terms of its dimensions, the new KONA is 40 mm longer and wider than the previous model. Produced with five new body colors, KONA can be purchased with a black roof color as in the previous model.

Hyundai KONA comes with a 10,25-inch digital multimedia panel while offering the same new connectivity features. The new AVN display functions as a split screen and also supports multiple Bluetooth connections.

New 198 hp gasoline 1.6 engine and alternative hybrid engine options

The technical features of the new KONA arouse as much excitement as its exterior and interior design. The new 1.6-liter gasoline turbo engine, signed by Hyundai SmartStream, now produces 177 horsepower instead of 198. Operating this performance unit with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, Hyundai sells it in both two-wheel and four-wheel drive variants.

Offering 48-volt mild hybrid technology for greater fuel efficiency, Hyundai will start selling with 136 PS 1.6-liter Smartstream diesel and 120 PS 1.0-liter T-GDI Smartstream gasoline engine as standard. Customers can opt for 48-volt mild hybrid technology with optional 7-speed DCT or 6iMT transmission.

The new KONA is also available with the 1,6 liter GDI engine and the Hybrid version with 141 PS combined power. KONA Hybrid is equipped with a 32 kW electric motor, which is powered by a 1.56 kWh lithium polymer battery.

New KONA and KONA N Line in Europe towards the end of the year and will be sold simultaneously in Turkey. The highly anticipated New KONA Hybrid will take its place in the dealers in the first quarter of 2021.

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