You Pay 60 TL More Even If You Pay the Fee of the Treasury Guaranteed Project

You Pay 60 TL More Even If You Pay the Fee of the Treasury Guaranteed Project
You Pay 60 TL More Even If You Pay the Fee of the Treasury Guaranteed Project

They have been on the agenda for years… We are paying the money whether we pass or not. We even pay for the times we haven't passed! For the first six months of the year, 1 billion 750 million TL will be transferred to Osmangazi Bridge. Citizens using the Osmangazi Bridge, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and the Eurasia Tunnel both pay for the time they use the roads, and at least 60 TL per person per year when they do not cross these roads.

According to the news in SÖZCÜ; “During the pandemic period, the amount to be paid by citizens who do not use mega projects because fewer vehicles pass by has increased. Millions of liras are paid each year for Build-Operate-Transfer projects. Let's first take a look at the projects in numbers.

In the first half of 2020, when the number of vehicle crossings decreased relatively due to the pandemic, the treasury will pay 1 billion 750 million TL to OTOYOL AŞ for Osmangazi Bridge.


For example, the Treasury pays 37.8 dollars, including VAT, for each vehicle that does not cross the Osmangazi Bridge. The amount to be paid is determined according to the dollar rate of January 2 of each year. Last year, at least 25 TL per person was paid for the Osmangazi Bridge under the Treasury guarantee.


In accordance with the contract made with the consortium that operates the Eurasia Tunnel, the company was given a guarantee of 68 vehicles per day. In 500, 2019 thousand 47 vehicles passed the project. The guarantee of 317 thousand 21 vehicles per day in between was paid by the treasury. The total fee paid for the tunnel in 183 is 2019 million TL. When this fee is divided into 180 million, it is 83 TL per person.


A daily guarantee of 135 thousand vehicles has been given to Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. In 2019, the toll of the project was 19,15 TL for cars. In 2019, the Treasury paid approximately 3 billion TL to the project owners. Such figures, Turkey's population is divided into 36 TL per person out when Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge bill comes.


In other words, considering the minimum amounts of last year's transition figures, 25 TL per year for Osmangazi Bridge, 36 TL for Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and 2 TL per year for Eurasia Tunnel are paid for the passer or not. Our annual mega project bill is at least 63 TL per citizen. This fee is paid by the above or not.


CHP Kocaeli Deputy Tahsin Tarhan stated that the Osmangazi Bridge swallowed the Treasury like a black hole and said: In an environment where people were given IBAN numbers and aid was collected, the dollar-guaranteed income of the contractors was not touched. People have to pay money to the airport they do not fly to, the bridge they do not cross, and the hospital they do not go to. Nation everyone made sacrifices. Except for the companies that built and operates the Osmangazi Bridge and similar large guaranteed tenders.

In addition, there is another point that should not be forgotten. This bridge, which is guaranteed to pass on dollars, was built with a loan guarantee provided by the government. The Treasury vouched for 17 billion 200 million loans used for the construction of bridges and highways. Supporting companies are very lucky. They received government guarantees both while taking out loans and providing services. It is necessary to say stop to this injustice, ”he said.

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