Dacia's Iconic Models Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Logan Refresh

Dacia's Iconic Models Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Logan Refresh
Dacia's Iconic Models Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Logan Refresh

Dacia; Sandero introduces the third generations of Sandero Stepway and Logan. Completely renewed New Sandero, New Sandero Stepway and New Logan come to light with all their details on September 29, 2020. The models, which are renewed by preserving the spirit of their previous generations and will continue to meet their customers at affordable prices, offer more modernity, more equipment and versatility without sacrificing simplicity and reliability, the basic philosophy of the brand.

The products offered by Dacia match the expectations of consumers today more than ever. The growing need for 'Individual mobility' has led to a long-term approach. At the center of this approach, the automobile stands out as a long-term and logical investment choice. That's why customers want a better and more accessible product.

Starting from a single model with Logan and reaching a complete product range today, Dacia has been transforming the automobile for 15 years. Sandero has managed to become Europe's best-selling retail model since 2017.

In 15 years, the Dacia brand has solidified its position in the automobile industry, creating a sense of belonging and becoming a preferred brand. While maintaining its customer-oriented approach as usual, Dacia gains a new dimension with 2 new models that have been modernized.

Contemporary and dynamic lines

With its distinctive lines and design details, New Sandero is getting ready to hit the road with its design emphasizing a stronger character and solidity. The car has a smoother appearance with its curved windshield and low roof compared to the previous generation. Despite the increased ground clearance, the New Sandero gives a lower impression thanks to its wider grooves and wheel structure.

The new Sandero Stepway stands out as the versatile model of the Dacia product range. The new Sandero Stepway differs from the New Sandero with its design that emphasizes SUV DNA and evokes adventure. The more pronounced hood, the slanted structure above the chrome Stepway logo fog lights under the grille make the model noticeable.

The silhouette of the completely redesigned New Logan is more dynamic and fluid, and is slightly longer than the previous generation. The dynamic line of the car; The flowing roofline and the narrowed side windows contribute. Details such as the Y-shaped headlights, wheels that match the contours of the body, and a more elegantly designed door handle are similar to the New Sandero.

Brand new light signature in Y form

Y-shaped headlights and taillights form Dacia's new light signature. This signature, which gives the third generation a stronger identity, makes the models look wider.

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