Digital Revolution Project in Prisons

Digital Revolution Project in Prisons
Digital Revolution Project in Prisons

Security multimedia devices will be installed in each ward in 317 prisons. Prisoners will no longer queue and count in wards one by one. By pressing the device where the fingerprint is loaded, it will be determined whether it is in the ward or not.

Prisoners will be able to "video" chat with their families through the devices. Through this system, doctors will be able to make a request from a book and the prison canteen and use their right to write a petition. Within the scope of the project to be piloted in Bakırköy and Sincan Women and Sincan Children and Youth Closed Penal Institutions, 20 thousand multimedia devices will be placed in prisons within 18 months. Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gül said, "With this project, the security and digital control of institutions will be increased." Details of the digital transformation initiated in prisons on the order of Minister Gül are as follows:

Video talk

Thanks to the system, queues in prisons due to phone calls that can be made at certain hours will also disappear. Prisoners will be able to make phone calls from the booth where this multimedia device is located. In addition, with the evaluations to be made by the prison administration, inmates with good condition will be able to talk with their families on video for certain days and periods from their ward. Thus, it will be ensured that the concept of "parents" will be strengthened, especially in prisoners with small children.

The request for a doctor's examination, which has become a problem in prisons, will also be transferred to the digital environment. He will be able to make an application from the prison ward that he is sick. He will be able to give details of what his condition is and request a doctor's examination.

Will not disappear anymore

Complaints such as "my petition has not been accepted" or "my petition has been lost", which the convicts frequently send to the delegations from the Turkish Grand National Assembly and to the prison administrations will end. Prisoners will be able to submit their petitions regarding both their complaints regarding prison practices and their requests via a multimedia device. These petitions will go to the prison director electronically. Whether the request will be met or not will be decided in line with the prison legislation.

Letter from the ward

Letters stamped "seen" with the multimedia system will also become history. Prisoners will be able to write their letters easily through this system. The letter will be sent to the addressee after being inspected by the prison administration via the electronic system.

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