Çambaşı Nature Facilities will be the Favorite of the Winter Season

Çambaşı Nature Facilities will be the Favorite of the Winter Season
Çambaşı Nature Facilities will be the Favorite of the Winter Season

Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to bring the renewed face of Çambaşı Nature Facilities in Ordu province to the winter season.

The Nature Facilities in Çambaşı Plateau, which is preferred by ski lovers and nature lovers especially in winter, are almost completely renewed to serve their guests in more modern conditions. The facility, where many changes have been made, from the ski room to the restaurant, from the heating system to the moving bands, from the daily accommodation to the ski track, is preparing to take its place among the preferred ones this season.


providing information about the work done at the facility Çambaşı Nature Plant Operation Director and Provincial Representative of Turkey Ski Federation Army Fevzi Turan "We are making preparations will revel Kayaksever. We continue to germinate our ski slopes. In addition, we are carrying out renovation work in our bungalows and daily facilities. All of our facilities will have natural gas and floor heating systems. At the same time, PWC cladding is applied to our wooden houses to make their insulation more robust. In this way, our guests will not have any problems with hot water and heating. Our ski slopes were causing a lot of problems with surface water in spring. For this, we focused on infrastructure studies in the field. We are working on recovering surface waters and connecting them with streams. In our facility, we carry out walking band works for novice training and sledmen. At the same time, we have increased their safety by building separate areas for skiers and sledgers. Our ski room was located in a narrow area. We continue to move this place to a wider area, closer to the slopes and the chairlift. Eating and drinking places could not meet the needs due to demand. In addition to these, two more restaurants will be opened and their capacity will reach 2 thousand people in total ”.


No pleasure to be taken in parts of Turkey pointed out that Çambaşı Nature Plants Turan, "Çambaşı Nature Plants renews itself. Kayaksev they take pleasure in our facility, we can not get anywhere else in Turkey in CAMBAS. Our service quality will be at its peak. They will feel that they have come to a very different facility with our tolerance. First of all, they will experience the pleasure of entertainment in a place as if they were in their own home ”.

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