In which neighborhood is Bursa City Museum? Is there an entrance fee for the museum?

Bursa City Museum
Bursa City Museum

📩 04/01/2023 09:01

Bursa City Museum is the museum that has been serving in the old courthouse of the city since 2004 and exhibits the changes and transformations Bursa has gone through in a period of 7000 years.

The museum was established on February 14, 2004 by the DSP's Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Erdoğan Bilenser and was opened to visitors. The museum building was built in 1926 by Ekrem Hakkı Ayverdi as a Courthouse. Its architect is thought to be Kemalettin Bey. The building, which was vacated after the Courthouse moved to its new building in 1999, became a museum building after the restoration process between 2001-2004. During the process of transforming the building into a museum, master architect Naim Arnas took his duty.

The 2-storey building has a chronological arrangement on the first floor and a thematic arrangement on the second floor. In the museum, information about the city is presented with objects such as wax sculptures of 6 Ottoman sultans who lived in Bursa, decorations that enliven the traditional commercial life, and the topographic model of the city.

Bursa City Museum is located in Heykel Square, the center of the city, in the south of Atatürk Monument, next to the Bursa Governorship Building.

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