Azerbaijani Army Destroys Armenia's S300 Air Defense System

Azerbaijani Army Destroys Armenia's S300 Air Defense System
Azerbaijani Army Destroys Armenia's S300 Air Defense System

Azerbaijani Army Destroys Armenia's S300 Air Defense System; The conflicts over the last attacks, which are described as a continuation of the unlawful invasion attempts of the Armenian Army, continue. Since the first moment of the attack, the Azerbaijan Army showed a strong resistance and made serious progress. Many regions under Armenian occupation for many years were liberated by Azerbaijani forces.

In the struggle of the Azerbaijani Army for the liberation of the occupied territories, the S300 air defense missile system of Armenia was destroyed. In the statement made by the Azerbaijan Ministry of Defense on September 30, 2020

“From September 27 to this morning, about 2.300 enemy soldiers were killed and / or injured, approximately 130 tanks and other armored vehicles, more than 200 artillery, rocket launchers, mortar systems were destroyed. Approximately 25 air defense systems, 6 different control and command-observation points, 5 ammunition depots and approximately 50 anti-tank vehicles were destroyed in the conflicts.

In the battles yesterday, the enemy's 1 S-300 air defense missile system was destroyed in the region of Khojaly, Şuşakend. The enemy, who mobilized additional forces in the direction of Madagiz to reclaim lost positions, attempted to attack in the early morning hours of September 30. This movement of the enemy was blocked and our troops launched a counterattack to break their resistance.

Currently, military operations are underway across the entire front. ” expressions were included.

Infantry Attached to the Armenian Army Shot

As shown in the video below, the soldiers of the Armenian Army, who were in the conflict area, were shot down with a kamikaze UAV. The kamikaze UAV, watching Armenian soldiers from a distance, is noticed by the soldiers it is watching. Most likely engine noise or close range tracking caused this. Upon being noticed by the target, the kamikaze UAV dives and heads towards its target. The kamikaze drone, which is engaged to the Armenian soldiers trying to hide, destroys the target without deviation.

Despite the success of the hit, detectability makes the most important feature of the kamikaze UAV meaningless. It is known that Azerbaijan is highly dependent on Israel for drones. Based on this, considering a large and detectable kamikaze UAV in the inventory of the Azerbaijan Army, which cannot be suspended in the air (with fixed wings) as it is apparent in the images, it is possible to dwell on the possibility of Orbiter-1K, although it is not certain.

Source: defanceturk

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