What is Pttkart, How to get it? What are the features? What are the Advantages of PTT Card?

What is Pttkart, How to get it? What are the features? What are the Advantages of PTT Card?
What is Pttkart, How to get it? What are the features? What are the Advantages of PTT Card?

The real person postal check account holders within PTT can use the balances in their accounts instead of cash for cash withdrawal from bank ATMs, cash withdrawal in domestic / international purchases, and pay invoices, contracted Institution payments, transfer, etc. It is a payment tool that enables them to make transactions.

How can I have a Pttkart?

Getting a PTT card You must go to the branches or apply for a card via PTT online. After opening a Postal Check Account through PTT branches, you can have the PTT card instantly. PTT card After receiving, the card activation process must be completed by going to the nearest PTT branch.

In addition, Pttkart is given to customers who receive pensions through PTT and all obliged parties who are recruited for the payments made by the Ministry of National Defense Military Recruitment Department (ASAL).

Within the scope of Pttkart projects, Tradesmen Pttkart special for Tradesmen, Motif card for Memursen members, Campus Postcard for University students and administrative and academic staff.

Are there any fees for postcards?

In postcards, any card fee, operating fee, etc. there is no.

Is it possible to shop over the internet with Pttkards?

Online shopping can be done with Pttkards and 3D secure application.

What are the Features of PTT Card?

  • Before the PTT card is received, money can be deposited into the PTT account and online transactions can be made.
  • There is no fee deduction for PTT card account and card usage.
  • PTT cards are issued to all individuals who benefit from the assistance provided by the Ministry of Social Services.
  • The PTT card model prepared for social assistance is called "Preloaded PTT Card".
  • PTT cards are issued on behalf of all persons who have started their military service under the General Directorate of Recruitment of the Ministry of National Defense.
  • Transactions can be made over all ATMs with PTT cards. There is no fee deduction for transactions made from ATMs of public banks.

What are the Transactions to be Made with PTT Card?

PTT card usage areascorresponds exactly to transactions made with bank cards. The processes and usage areas specified for PTT card are as follows:

  • All necessary transactions can be performed through PTT Bankomats.
  • Bill payments of natural gas, electricity, water, internet and GSM operators are made using Pttmatik devices.
  • HGS balance can be loaded.
  • Postage check balance inquiry can be made.
  • Payments of the installments of PTT Bonus credit card can be made.
  • It is used for withdrawing the balances in PTT accounts.
  • It can be used to deposit money into the PTT account.
  • Installment payments are made for the credit cards of the contracted banks.
  • Mobile money transfer acceptance transactions can be performed.
  • Money can be withdrawn from all public and private ATMs.
  • Payment can be made through POS devices for their purchases.
  • Contracted institutions and organizations can be paid through Pttmatik devices.
  • EFT and money transfer transactions can be performed online or via PTT ATMs.
  • It can be used for online shopping over the Internet.

How to Apply for PTT Card?

Take out a PTT card The necessary steps and things to know are listed in detail below:

  • PTT card application To do so, PTT Mail Check Account must first be opened.
  • In order to get the PTT card, it is necessary to go to PTT branches.
  • In order to define the PTT card of the Postal Check Account, transactions will be made through the PTT branch.
  • After the card approval is made through PTT branches, the card password must be determined over the ATM or PTT devices.

After determining the card password, all desired transactions can be performed with the PTT card.

PttCardImportant Information About Your

  • From the moment you receive your card, your responsibility for your card begins.
  • For your security, please sign on the back of your card.
  • You can get your password by calling 444 1 788 PTT Call Center or from the nearest PTT office. Change your password from PTT Workplace or PTT. For your security, do not share your card's password with other people. In order to get a password via the call center, your GSM number must be defined in PTT systems.
  • For your security, do not use easily predictable numbers such as your date of birth while setting your password.
  • If you forget the password of your card, apply to 444 1 788 PTT Call Center or to the nearest PTT office.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, please call the PTT Call Center at 444 1 788 as soon as possible.
  • Your account statement will be arranged in Turkish Lira (TL). Transactions made in foreign currency are converted into US Dollars (USD) by international card institutions and debited to your account in Turkish Lira (TL).
  • You must inform the nearest PTT workplace within 15 (fifteen) days of any changes in your home / work address or other contact information.
  • Right owner or military officer who receives your salary from PTT; If you are the owner of Tradesman Pttkart, Motif Card and Campus Pttkart, you must apply to the nearest PTT office with a valid identity document and perform the account activation process in order to make transactions with the card sent to you.

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