Smart Intersection and EBUKOM Project Coming to Life in Elazig

Smart Intersection and EBUKOM Project Comes to Life in Elazig
Smart Intersection and EBUKOM Project Comes to Life in Elazig

Smart Intersection and Transportation Coordination Center (EBUKOM) Project, which is among the election promises of Elazig Mayor Şahin Şerifoğulları, is coming to life.

The tender for the project to be implemented as an important step in relieving the urban traffic was held.

Smart Intersection Application at 12 Points

With the project, a new generation Smart Intersection Management System will be placed at intersections where traffic is heavy, and the traffic will be managed in a modern and smart way.

Thanks to the dynamic system to be installed at 12 intersections, the intersections will be managed according to the traffic density, the signal durations will be optimized and the right to pass to the busy intersections for a longer time will be provided. Thus, the intersection capacity utilization will increase, and thus the waiting times of the vehicles in traffic will be minimized, both fuel savings will be achieved and contribution will be made to the protection of the environment by reducing carbon emission. At 28 urban intersections, instant intervention will be made to the signaling programs from the center with remote access.

In line with the project, the data obtained from vehicle counting cameras will be transferred to the Elazig Municipality Transportation Coordination Center to be established, and the traffic management of the city will be provided. In line with the data to be received, the city traffic density map will be obtained by instantly interfering with the intersections. In addition, thanks to the Distribution Management System (DMS) to be installed in various parts of the city, driver guidance will be made based on the traffic density and the traffic flow rate will be increased.

Smart Intersection System Points to Be Installed

Tofaş Junction, Hazardağlı Junction, Çaydaçıra Junction, Forest Junction, Highways Junction, Ahmet Aytar Junction, Stadium Junction, Kültürpark Junction, SGK Junction, Cement Junction, Alirıza Septioğlu Junction, Fire Department Junction.

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