With the Advantage Taxi Service, Obstacles Are Overcome

With the Advantage Taxi Service, Obstacles Are Overcome
With the Advantage Taxi Service, Obstacles Are Overcome

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, which attaches great importance to accessibility at every point of the city and continues to stand by the disabled citizens with the projects it has implemented, removes the obstacles with the Advantage Taxi service it provides free of charge by paying attention to the pandemic rules.

With his work for people with disabilities to life exemplified Metropolitan Municipality in Turkey, it's also about access to support disabled citizens living in the city. Within the scope of the application, specially equipped vehicles operating within the Disability Services Unit are provided with free transportation support to all points, especially hospitals and public institutions, to disabled citizens.

Metropolitan Municipality officials stated that the service started again with the normalization period and they tried to provide convenience in transportation to the citizens, “We offer free transportation opportunity to our citizens who have 60 percent and more disability reports, in order to easily see their daily work, especially in hospitals and public institutions. We take our citizens, who have made an appointment the day before from our Advantage Taxi, from their homes and take them to their destinations and ensure that they reach their homes again. As of June 1, 2020, when the normalization period started, we activated this service again. In this process, we accept the requirement to comply with the mask and physical distance rule and support our fellow townspeople who request a taxi. ”They stated that those who want to benefit from the service can reach them via 0535 106 62 39.

Stating that they are extremely satisfied with the service provided, the citizens thanked the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Yılmaz Büyükerşen and the municipal employees for this service.

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