Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services to Prepare 'Adolescent Guide'

Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services to Prepare 'Adolescent Guide'
Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services to Prepare 'Adolescent Guide'

📩 21/09/2020 14:57

The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services will prepare "Adolescent Guide" for children and families benefiting from foster family service model.

The guide, whose content studies continue, aims to support all families who face adolescence problems, especially children and families who benefit from the social service models of the Ministry.

"We Want to Support Families"

Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services, reminded that children experience faster physical, psychological and social changes during adolescence compared to other developmental stages and said, “For children living this period, the processes can be more sensitive and complex. Adolescence period; It can affect the child's life in many ways, especially in matters such as education, relationships with adults, peers and communication. "We want to support families in this development period with the work we have prepared, to guide them and to ensure that this period is spent in the most ideal way."

"It Will Be An Important Reference Source For Foster Families"

Stating that the Adolescent Guide will be a separate module among the other trainings offered to foster families, Minister Selçuk said, “This study will be an important reference source for foster families to understand the specific needs of the child, our aim is to raise awareness of families about establishing healthy communication with their children and to find answers . Increasing the equipment of our foster families will enable our children to grow up in an even healthier family environment. "It is our greatest desire that our children grow up in sensitive and loving family environments."

"We Care The Protective and Preventive Dimension of Our Works"

Touching on the importance of recognizing the risks threatening children before the child's need for protection and taking the necessary precautions urgently, Selçuk said, “Therefore, we attach great importance to the protective and preventive aspects of our services. In this context, I think the Adolescent Guide we will prepare will be an important resource ”.

What Will Happen in Adolescent Guide?

In the Adolescence Module developed for foster families; Topics such as "Development", "Feelings and Behaviors", "Skills I Should Have" will take place. In the guide, the period of adolescence; It will include information about the changes it has caused in its physical, mental and psychosocial development. The guide will also contain information on the effects of physical and mental changes on emotions and behavior. The guide is expected to be ready at the end of October.

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