Hürjet Agreement between TAI and Stirling Dynamics

Hürjet Agreement between TAI and Stirling Dynamics
Hürjet Agreement between TAI and Stirling Dynamics

Stirling Dynamics signed a contract with TAI to provide consultancy in freight and aeroelastic fields.

In order to provide technical support in the fields of cargo and aeroelastic for the Stirling Dynamics, Jet Training and Light Attack Aircraft HÜRJET program, Türk Havacılık ve Uzay Sanayii A.Ş. (TAI) signed a new contract. The Hürjet, which is planned to replace the T-38 training aircraft of the Turkish Air Force, is a double-seat, single-engine supersonic advanced jet training and light attack aircraft.

The contract in question was in the past. It was stated that it was again based on the support provided by Stirling Dynamics. In this context, it was previously stated that Stirling Dynamics provided consultancy to TAI in the process up to Hürjet's preliminary design review (PDR). Under the new contract, Stirling Dynamics will continue to support TAI's engineering team in the process up to the critical design review (CDR). It was stated that Stirling Dynamics engineers will provide support in various formats including training, guidance, expert review and off-site work packages. Technical issues in this scope include flight and wind loads, combat, wing shake and verification tests.


Stirling Dynamics company states that they are well placed to run this business thanks to their extensive experience supporting new aircraft design programs up to certification. However, he states that they have an extensive history and expertise in aircraft loads and aeroelastic issues. Henry Hackford, Stirling's Aerospace Technical Services Business Unit Manager, “We are very happy to have the opportunity to work with TAI again on domestic aircraft development programs. The Hürjet contract is the result of a long-standing dialogue with TAI and will provide us with an extraordinary opportunity to demonstrate our core strengths. ” said.

TAI aims to perform the first test flight of Hürjet in 2022.

Source: defenceturk

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