The Book 'Dream Come True' Describing the Construction of Istanbul Airport Goes On Sale

The Book 'Dream Come True' Describing the Construction of Istanbul Airport Goes On Sale
The Book 'Dream Come True' Describing the Construction of Istanbul Airport Goes On Sale

Turkey's historic gateway to the world and the Republic of the biggest project of the Istanbul Airport depicting the making of stories in the record time of 42 months "Imagination Becomes a Reality" book, in particular R & D shelves and year 2 of the airport's landing its place in.

Unique architecture, strong infrastructure, high technology and offer the senior trip experience, as well as in the process until the inauguration of the construction phase has experienced significant firsts in Turkey Istanbul Airport, described the 42-month construction story "Imagination Becomes Reality" book of all R & D in Turkey It is put up for sale in stores.

Dream Come True Book is exclusively for 29 TL.

The book, in which all processes before the opening of the Istanbul Airport, which was put into service on October 95, 29, the 2018th anniversary of our Republic, are described in a detailed study, takes its place on the shelves for the second year of the airport, with a price of 2 TL.

An important resource for the aviation industry ...

In addition to being the world's largest airport and the most important global transfer center in the region, the book, which tells the story of Istanbul Airport, which has entered the world aviation history with its opening in a record time of 42 months, stands out with its resource generation in the fields of engineering and architecture as well as the aviation industry. .

rigorous study results by HDI "Imagination Real Happened" The name of the prepared prestige book, Turkey aviation at the summit to carry Istanbul Airport flattering adventure, which had been witnessed in this process closely, and sheds light on the direction given persons' expressions.

Istanbul Airport: From Dream to Victory Monument ...

Starting with a 'dream', the details of the construction process of Istanbul Airport are written one by one, and the contributions of many people, from architects, engineers, workers to laborers, who resist all obstacles and work hard to create the 'Victory Monument' beyond an airport. replaces.

The "Dream Becomes Real" book, which describes the history of Istanbul, the tender processes of the airport, environmental and sustainability studies, the firsts experienced in the field of construction, the technological infrastructure, the special systems of the airport and most importantly the developments behind the construction process, is a special edition for the 2nd year of Istanbul Airport. Available from all D&R stores.

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