Bozok University BeeM Team Participates in Electric Vehicle Races

Bozok University, Faculty of Architecture, Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering students, Dr. Established under the consultancy of Faculty Member Emrah Çetin, the "BEEM Team" set out to participate in the TUBİTAK-TEKNOFEST Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle Races that will continue for a week that will start in Kocaeli today.

Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Karadağ, pre-race consultant Dr. Under the chairmanship of Faculty Member Emrah Çetin, he made a morale visit to the students and received information from the students about the vehicle they built.

"We are a university that has made a name for itself not only in our field of specialization, but also with scientific studies."

Rector Prof. Dr. In the statement made here, Montenegro stated that Yozgat Bozok University has made a name not only with Industrial Hemp, which is a field of specialization, but also with scientific projects and that this will continue, and it has been by students with a team spirit and teamwork with a serious effort and effort for a long time. He said that the electric vehicle produced will participate in the competitions with the feature of traveling the most with the least energy and being the electric vehicle produced with the most domestic parts.

"Our vehicle is ready to hit the road with the most domestic parts, production and efficiency"

Stating that the students made the vehicle at the point of making both domestic and the least energy consuming vehicle, our Rector Prof. Dr. Karadağ said, “Our vehicle technique, automation, software, test drives and tests have been completed and now we are ready for competitions and we are assertive. We aim to be among the top 5 electric vehicles participating in the competition. " said. Our Rector Prof. Dr. Montenegro, due to his devoted work, especially the consultant Dr. He thanked the Faculty Member Emrah Çetin separately from the Electrical and Electronics Engineering students of the Faculty of Architecture Engineering for their efforts in all stages of the vehicle despite the negative conditions brought about by the pandemic. Again, thanking TÜBİTAK, which is the scientific project supporter of the electric vehicle project, and the support of Çekerek and Boğazlıyan Municipalities at the point of sponsorship, "With determination, he expressed his belief that the BeeM team will achieve the best results on this road with the slogan of Success, and wished success to the team.

"Despite the pandemic conditions, we have accomplished a great job in a short time."

Project consultant, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Dr. Faculty Member Emrah Çetin gave information about the features of the vehicle. He stated that they act with the idea of ​​using most domestic products in the vehicle. Çetin explained that they made 6 parts of the vehicle from the domestic category required by TÜBİTAK and said, “We made the engine, motor driver, battery management system, battery pack, vehicle control system, electronic differential and charging circuit of the vehicle. We designed all of these by our own students and produced them locally and mounted on the vehicle. he spoke. Çetin stated that they will participate in the 16th electric vehicle races with their locally produced electric vehicle.

Stating that 23 students took part in this project but actively carried out all stages of the project with 6 students due to the pandemic process, Çetin said that they did not prioritize speed because efficiency and domesticity were at the forefront in the competitions, they produced vehicles that could travel 1 kilometers with about 100 lira. While the weight of the vehicles is around 1 ton, our vehicle is 200 kilograms, which is reflected in our energy efficiently and makes a lot with less energy. used the expressions.

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