TCDD 164th Anniversary Celebration was Held at Afyon Historical Station!

TCDD 164th Anniversary Celebration was Held at Afyon Historical Station!
TCDD 164th Anniversary Celebration was Held at Afyon Historical Station!

TCDD 7th Regional Director Sivdem Sivri visited Afyonkarahisar Governor Gökmen Çiçek with his entourage on the occasion of the 164th anniversary of TCDD's establishment. Sivri told Governor Çiçek about 164-year history of TCDD and the activities and projects carried out in Afyonkarahisar as the 7th Regional Directorate.

Thanking Governor Gökmen Çiçek for his kind welcome and hospitality, TCDD 7th Regional Manager Adem Sivri gave information about the point where TCDD arrived in cargo, logistics, freight and passenger transportation, high-speed train areas and the works carried out in the region.

Adds Value to Our Country

Expressing his satisfaction with the visit, Governor Gökmen Çiçek said: “The journey of iron that unites hearts, cities, towns and villages is now 164 years old. Railroad has a special value in our culture. Railways carry culture, wealth, well-being, longing and longing where they go. I celebrate the 164th anniversary of the State Railways, which add value to our country with many important projects from high-speed trains to modern stations and stations, from logistics centers to the Marmaray that carries us to Europe, and wish all their employees convenience.

164th Anniversary Celebration Held at Ali Çetinkaya Station

On the other hand, due to the foundation anniversary of TCDD, 7th Regional Manager Âdem Sivri at Ali Çetinkaya Station, Taşımacılık A.Ş. A celebration ceremony was held with the participation of Regional Manager Murat Durkan, Service Managers and staff.

Following the moment of silence and the National Anthem, the ceremony continued with the speech of Regional Manager Sivri, which included the vision and activities carried out in the historical adventure of TCDD. Stating that the story of railways started on September 23, 1856 on the İzmir-Aydın line, Sivri said, “With the Republic, 4 thousand kilometers of railway that remained within national borders was taken over from the Ottoman Empire. Lines owned by foreign states have been nationalized. Train has become a preferred vehicle, not a loved one. TCDD has not only transported passengers from one place to another for 164 years, but has made significant contributions to social and cultural life. "We continue our economic, social and cultural responsibility today as in the past."

Consultation with NGOs

After the ceremony; Meeting with the Railway Union, Association Presidents and Managements and TCDD Social Facilities Wagon Cafe and Country Garden, Regional Manager Adam Sivri exchanged views with the presidents and held consultations with the employees. Sivri added that he wishes to work together for the railways together.

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