Before the Holiday Holidays' Fuel Points from OPET

fuel points before the holiday holidays opetten
fuel points before the holiday holidays opetten

OPET offers its customers the opportunity to earn fuel points. OPET customers who buy 3 once and more on 200 TL on different days at OPET stations earn one of their 10 TL, 25 TL or 100 TL fuel point gifts for each payment.

OPET, the customer satisfaction leader in the fuel distribution sector, continues to offer privileges to its customers with the campaigns it has implemented. OPET customers participating in the campaign earn one of 3 TL, 200 TL or 10 TL fuel point gifts for each payment in 25 TL and above fuel purchases at different times. OPET customers who typed WIN and left blank spaces to send activated mobile phone numbers or activated OPET Card numbers to 100 as text messages, OPET Mobile Applicationby clicking on the layarak join ”button.

8 August - 15 September 2019 TL and 3 TL, 200 TL, 10 TL or 25 TL for each payment, for 100 TL and above will be made once on different days by using card numbers that match with the mobile phones or mobile phones that are registered with 45 dates. wins one of the points awards. In the campaign where OPET customers can earn minimum 150 TL and maximum 15 TL fuel points, the fuel points earned in the campaign can be used for 2019 TL and above fuel purchases until December 200. More information is'also



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