Ankara Konya High Speed ​​Railway

ankara konya high speed rail
ankara konya high speed rail

Ankara Konya High Speed ​​Rail: Ankara Konya high speed rail is a double line, electrical, signaled High Speed ​​Train line that leaves Konya High Speed ​​Rail from Polatlı and extends to Konya.

Before the fast train

There was no direct rail connection between Ankara and Konya before 2011. For this reason, when you wanted to go to Konya by rail from Ankara, this distance could be taken in 10 hours and 30 minutes. The highway distance between the two cities is 258 km and Konya province can be reached in 90 hours 2 minutes at a speed of 48 km.

Road information

The total length of the line between Ankara and Konya is 306 km. 96 km of the line shares the Ankara-Istanbul YHT line, the construction of which has already been completed. The construction of the 212 km Polatlı YHT-Konya Train Station phase started in August 2006 and the entire line was opened on 23 August 2011. Within the scope of the project, 7 bridges, 27 overpasses, 83 underpasses, 143 culverts and a 2030 meter long tunnel were built.

Travel time

The train departing from Ankara can reach Konya in 1 hour and 48 minutes. On the Ankara-Konya line with a line length of 306 km, the train travels at an average speed of 167 km per hour.

Ankara Eskisehir High Speed ​​Train How Many Hours?

With the introduction of high-speed trains into our lives, life has been greatly facilitated and passengers have saved time. kazanhas been raised. Ankara Eskişehir high-speed train line has also been the train with one of these features and has reduced the time between Ankara and Eskişehir to 1,5 hours. The train starts its first voyage from Ankara at 06.20 and its last voyage starts at 20.55. Below, the departure times of the train according to the stations are presented in detail in a table for you.

Map of Turkey YHT

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