2020 Pirelli Calendar Behind-the-Scenes First Revealed

Pirelli calendar behind the scenes for the first time appeared
Pirelli calendar behind the scenes for the first time appeared

2020 Pirelli Calendar's Behind-the-Camera Images for the First Time The behind-the-scenes footage of the 2020 edition of Pirelli's legendary and highly anticipated calendar, prepared by Italian photographer Paolo Roversi, has emerged. Roversi said, X I'm still looking for my Juliet, and I'll call all my life. Because Juliet commented on a dream.

This year, behind-the-scenes footage of the 47 Pirelli Calendar, made by Italian photographer Paolo Roversi in Paris and Verona, was released for the first time.

Famous Italian photographer Paolo Roversi, who gave the feeling of suspended time in his works, took over the shutter with the theme Ar Looking for Juliet X for the 2020 Pirelli Calendar. The photographer's project, which includes actresses and singers from different cultures and countries, took the lead from the intersection of Shakespearean drama and love, power, youth and beauty embodied by the heroine.

9 named famous name for the role of Juliet

Roversi chose 9 person to interpret the role of Juliet. These include British actresses Claire Foy, Mia Goth and Emma Watson, American actresses Indya Moore, Yara Shahidi and Kristen Stewart, Chinese singer Chris Lee, Spanish singer Rosalia and Franco-Italian artist Stella Roversi. Roversi, who shot in Paris and Verona for a week in May, commented: “I'm still looking for my Juliet and I'll call all my life. Because, Juliet is a dream ”

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