Şanlıurfa Traffic to be controlled from this Center

sanliurfa traffic will be controlled from this center
sanliurfa traffic will be controlled from this center

📩 06/11/2018 11:21

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Mayor Nihat Çiftçi held the opening ceremony of the new service building of the Metropolitan Municipality Signalization and Traffic Branch Directorate.

The opening ceremony of the new service building of the Signalization and Traffic Department Directorate under the Transportation Department, which was built on an area of ​​8 thousand 850 square meters by the Metropolitan Municipality, was held. Metropolitan Mayor Nihat Çiftçi, councilors, representatives of non-governmental organizations, municipal personnel and citizens attended the opening ceremony of the service building, which includes warehouse areas, personnel training area, construction equipment and administrative units.

Speaking before the opening ceremony, President Nihat Çiftçi said, “The owners of the institutions are our people living in that city. As the Metropolitan Municipality team, we had a nice process. If the Metropolitan Municipality has a success, it stems from the unity and integrity of the city. We have always worked in harmony with our districts. We are a municipality that does not conflict with public institutions and organizations. As the Metropolitan Municipality team, we work together for Şanlıurfa. As a result of the study, Solid Waste Facility, Waste Water Treatment Plant, concrete roads, the largest green area, the GAP Valley, are the works consisting of unity. ”


Stating that they have realized beautiful projects in Şanlıurfa, Mayor Çiftçi said, “A campus is being built in Şanlıurfa for transportation. Location and project are ready. Şanlıurfa will lay the foundation of its service building. We will soon lay the foundation of the project, which consists of 65 thousand square meters of indoor space and gathers all units. As a campus that creates its own station, warehouse, weighbridge and workshops in terms of machinery supply, we have completed its project and its project in Eyyübiye district related to companies affiliated to ŞUSKİ General Directorate, the companies affiliated to the Metropolitan Municipality and our Metropolitan Municipality. We have started the beginning of the project now, "he said.


Stating that the beautiful services of the Metropolitan are the result of the coordinated work of the team, Mayor Çiftçi said, “We are carrying out many projects in 13 districts of the city. A change of administration occurred in Şanlıurfa. For the first time, I have adopted a management style that embraces everyone in a wide area, tries to walk with everyone, does not marry anyone else, and sees everyone in the sense of brother. You all have contributed to this. I just fulfilled my duty as a Mayor. Although Şanlıurfa is a metropolitan city for the first time, our employees perform their duties in a beautiful way. Whatever the conditions, we have served our 13 districts equally and will continue to do so. In this center, intelligent signaling, road marking, thousand 100 kilometers of line work was done in the countryside. By this time, 53 thousand plates have been erected. Metropolitan is developing in this city. Currently, the Metropolitan Municipality is carrying out the markings of the 12 thousand kilometer road network. Şanlıurfa Metropolitan has just realized the service it provides. Our building is auspicious to our institution, "he said.

Thanking President Çiftçi for his work, AK Party Deputy Governor of Local Governments İbrahim Kaymaz also said, “Şanlıurfa is about to finish its first term as Metropolitan. We will successfully complete this first period with a very beautiful coordination. We see that the face of our districts has changed everywhere we go. Good physical environments must be found for good services. I would like to thank President Nihat Çiftçi for this beautiful service building. ”

After the opening, the Mayor visited the service building together with the participants.

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