Bursa Industry Summit Begins

bursa industry summit starts
bursa industry summit starts

📩 21/11/2018 13:32

Bursa Industry Summit, Bursa Metal Processing Technologies Fair, Bursa Sheet Metal Processing Technologies Fair, Bursa Welding Technologies Fair, organized by the cooperation of the Machinery Manufacturers Association (MİB) and the Machine Tools Industrialists and Businessmen Association (TİAD), with the support of the Ministry of Commerce, KOSGEB and Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Bursa Automation Fair under a single roof.

Tuyap Bursa International Fair and Congress Center, the organization will be held on November 29-December 2 date, Turkey will bring together the stakeholders of the machinery manufacturing industry. The summit will be held in 22 halls, in a closed area of ​​352 thousand square meters, with the participation of 7 companies and company representatives from 40 countries.

Next generation software and hardware, one of the main components of Industry 4.0, which brings together information technologies and industry activities, will be exhibited at the summit. With the summit where the latest technology innovation wonder products will take place, the pulse of the machinery industry will beat in Bursa for 4 days.


BCCI Chairman Ibrahim Burkay Bursa's export-led growth target in the economy of Turkey noted that at the beginning of the cities with the greatest contribution.

Burkay, stating that the purchasing delegation program organized within the scope of the Industry Summit last year was recorded as the largest participation program in Bursa's economic history, said, “This year, we aim to carry the success we achieved last year further. The summit, which is the last fair organization of 2018 in our city, is an important organization that enables Bursa to introduce its power in strategic sectors to business professionals from all over the world. I believe that our fair, which grows with each passing year, will add great strength to our companies this year as well. found the assessment.


TÜYAP Bursa Fairs General Manager İlhan Ersözlü stated that the summit is among the most important brand fairs in the sector.

Ersözlü said, “The summit, which is one of the three biggest fairs of our country, continues on its way confidently by doubling its strength. We will contribute to the economy of the country with the business connections that will take place at the fairs, which are expected to attract great interest from professional visitors organized from nearly 3 countries from abroad and more than 50 industrial cities from abroad. The fairs will also be an effective trading platform for those who want to open up to new markets and increase their existing market shares. In this way, we expect to achieve a business volume of 40 million lira. " used the expression.

MIB Chairman said that Turkey's Ahmet Ozkaya going through a difficult economic period, despite the adversities experienced industrialists who put under his hand, he stressed that continued to produce and to work with full force.

Pointing out that this process shows the importance of domestic production, Özkayan said, “As long as there is no return to technology and products with high added value are not produced, foreign dependency is inevitable. Foreign-dependent societies are consumer societies and they are doomed to extinction. In this respect, Bursa Industry Summit is very important this year, as it was last year. " used the expression.

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