Bicycle paths will extend from Sunflower Bicycle Valley to Sapanca Lake

Aycicegi Bicycle Valley
Aycicegi Bicycle Valley

Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu stated that they will implement a new project that will make transportation more popular with bicycles: ği We will build a new bike track of 21 kilometers to reach Sapanca Lake from the Sunflower Bike Valley. The first stage of our project is the 10 kilometer. I hope the 13 will be auctioned on Thursday. Good luck. Hayır

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality is taking another important step for the transportation of bicycles. Stating that the project is ready for the first stage of the new bicycle paths from the sunflower bicycle valley to Sapanca Lake and that they will go to the tender, President Zeki Toçoğlu stated that the bike path network with the 18 kilometer will go to the 39 kilometer with the new project. Toçoğlu, the new work on the transportation of bicycles will continue to herald the progress.

Sunflower Bike Valley from Sapanca Lake
Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu said, yaygın We have taken important steps about the use of bicycle. In 2020 we will host the World Mountain Bike Marathon Championship, which is one of the biggest events of cycling. On the other hand, we have a 18 road bike network. We are now carrying out a very important study to make the bicycle more widespread. We will build bikes and walkways in the 21 kilometer section, which extends from the Sunflower Bike Valley to the shores of Sapanca Lake. Good luck. Hayır

Bidding for the first stage
For the 10 kilometer part of the project up to Mithatpaşa Wagon Park, 13 will announce the tender on December Thursday. Perşembe We will strengthen our bicycle city Sakarya claim with this project. It will also include not only cycling routes on the route, but also walking paths, seating groups and sports areas in appropriate areas. We will continue our activities in order to promote the use of bicycles in order to stay healthy and fit. Sağlıklı

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