Minister Murat Kurum "Channel Istanbul Plans Are Ready!"

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Environment and Urban Planning Minister Murat Institution AK Party Environment, City and Culture Presidency Education and Consultation Meeting on the agenda of the live broadcast found important explanations.

All in Turkey closely followed by the explanation of the Minister Murat Authority tender Canal Istanbul "Istanbul Canal project is a project that we can say that the century project. Our Ministry has completed the planning works. We have determined the reserve areas for Istanbul regarding this project.

We will sign an urbanization that reflects our culture and architecture. We will adopt horizontal architecture instead of vertical architecture. Let Mimar Sinan come out today and transfer important works to future generations. Let's increase the number of these works. " said.

The Minister underlined that they have issued parking regulations on behalf of the future of the cities; Ik Parking is a big need in the metropolitan cities have brought a parking requirement to each apartment. Public institutions and organizations in the gardens by obtaining permission from public institutions to open the parking lot. We have to park in new planned areas or we have to leave the mobile parking lots or large parking spaces that we will park in our public transportation. Ları

Addressing the tradition of the Minister's Institution, Konyalı, who gave examples from our tradition, erek There are two rooms in our room, a mabeyn they call a room. Maybe it's regional. My mother is made there with the same logic. It is actually the case in all of Turkey. When we look at those houses, they are one hundred and fifty square meters. Many of us have grown up in those houses with ten or ten people. One hundred and twenty-five square meters in a square meter per square meter has grown over a hundred and thirty square meters, ede he said.

Providing information about bicycle and walking paths and noise barrier projects, the organization continued;
“We will start with 3 thousand kilometers of bicycles in our cities, 3 thousand kilometers of walking paths and 60 thousand square meters of noise barriers. The noise barrier is a project we have done to minimize the damage caused by the transportation routes passing through the city. Hopefully we're dreaming of a bike path that will connect all of our 81 provinces in Turkey. I hope we will do this in a very short time. We aim to take his bicycle and go from Hakkari to Istanbul. We also have the goal of linking this with both Europe and the Middle East.

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