Societies that cannot establish national industry can never be free

In the morning you're going to the sink, you'll be shaved, Gillette shaving cream and Shaving blade Mach3 or shaving machine imported.

Breakfast sat imported Nutella, Lipton tea you drink, you drink Nescafe coffee imported into Turkey's domestic market is now managing Ferrero hazelnut. Ferrero Nutella Italian or UniLever Lipton English and Dutch partnership foreign brand,

Yörsan, Dubaili Abraaj Group, BİM's famous Dost dairy and dairy products and milk, ayran, yoghurt, cheese brands produced under the brand of Ülker French food giant Groupe Lactalis, near the 90 of the margarine and oil industry Unilever,

You will brush your teeth Sensitive, Colgate, Signal, Sensodyn, White Now etc. imported toothbrush and paste,
You wore your shoes Nike, Converse, Adidas, Slazenger, Salomon, Jump, etc. imported,

Open the door, get in the elevator, Schindler, Kone, Valter, Otis, Siemens brand imported. After China and India, we are the largest elevator market in the world.

Go to work, get in the car BMW, Mercedes, Opel, Volkswagen, Peugeot, Volvo etc. Imported, Gasoline, Diesel, LPG imported,

You took your phone, I-Phone, Samsung, Huawei, LG, Asus, Sony and so on. imported,

Raymond Swiss, Pierre Cardin, Ferrucci, Rolex, Casio, imported,

When you came to work, you sat on your desk, opened your computer, Dell, Apple, Toshiba, Sony, HP, Lenovo, LG and so on. Brand imported,

You need a copy machine and a scanner, HP laser jet, Samsung, Sharp, Olivetti, Lexmark etc. imported,

You get nervous, you get tired of your head, Majezik, Brufen, Avreles, Apranax Forte, Aleve, Nurofen and so on. import or licensed foreign product, most of the drugs we use are imported or licensed products,

Fast Food Food, Mc Donald's, Burger King, Subway, KFC, Wendy's, Domino's, Sbarro, etc.

You said toast I do at home, toast, hamburger, sandwich bread, especially the first name of bakery products UNO half of the Spanish Vedanta Equity company,

The producer of sausages and bacon Namet, Bahrain Investcorp, the poultry farmer Banvit is now the Brazilian BRF and Qatari Qatar Investment Authority,

Izmir-based Ege-Tav, Japanese Nippon Raw Foods, CP Standard Thailand-based group, Potato chips American brand, Frito-Lay and Pringles, Walnut and almond American companies, Sabancı's Peyman are now based in China. ,

Nuhun Ankara Pasta and Sprout pasta are now Italian Barilla GeR Fratelli SpA and Japanese food giant Nisshin Foods and Marubeni Corporation,

Cola, Fanta already American companies, turnip, pickle juice or salad of the indispensable sauce, lemon and pomegranate with a classic Kemal Turkey is no longer the roar of the Japanese Ajinomoto,

Çamlıca soda belonging to Ülker Group, Cola Turka, Sırma su Japanese DyDo Drinco Group,

I said to go to Starbucks,

Almost all of the alcoholic beverages and tobacco products are American companies,

Our Kitchen is now famous with Japanese Ajinomoto, famous for its products such as instant soup, bouillon, cooking mortars, pudding, whipped cream, chocolate sauce.

Pizza market, fast food market, bubble gum market, olive oil market, American companies,

Our cow is our cow in the meadow, we are milking our milk but our milk is bottled and sold to us.

Our table is now under the control of foreign companies. Foreigners meat, milk, water, unumuzu, oil, hazelnut, chicken, egg, tea, fruit and vegetables, if you have what we are packing and selling to us.

You said you had to drink a glass of water, all the waters belonged to Nestle, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Danone. Life water Danone, Drop water Coca Cola, Erikli Nestlenin, Aqua Pepsi, Sırma su, Japanese DyDo Drinco Group,

You said that you should do some data for your home, Fish - from Norway, Morocco, Spain, Chickpeas - Mexico, India, USA, Argentina, Apple - Chile, Garlic - from China, Melon, Watermelon and onion - Iran from Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Canada, Peru, Ethiopia, Egypt, Bangladesh and China, Celery - from Spain, Meat - Czech Republic, France,

Imported from Serbia, Brazil, Peas - Russian Federation, USA, Canada, Hungary and Germany.

You can go to the newly opened city hospitals, or you always went to the hospital hospital, MR imaging equipment, X-ray, all medical imaging devices such as tomography, operating room and breathing apparatus, radio therapy systems, physical therapy devices, hearing aids, optical devices, prostheses, orthoses etc. always foreign, always imported.

Get on board Airbus, Boeing etc imported,

Quickly take the train to Siemens, CAF etc. Imported, Subway Bindin China, G.Kore, Germany, Canada, Italy brands,

Shop rents, most of the house rent in foreign currency, some of the buildings sold again in foreign currency,

I do not understand a society that does not produce so much consumption by relying on what?
We have become a complete consumer society as foreigners want. If there is even the slightest increase or fluctuation in exchange rates, all of these increase with the spare part. We borrow more. Then how will we make these foreign currency payments with the salaries we receive in TL, how will we make a living? How do we get rid of these debts? What if we don't produce? kazanwill we? How will we prevent current account deficit and unemployment?

In order to prevent all of this, we must establish our national industry and stop importation in order not to be dependent on foreigners. Or we will drown in the sea of ​​consumption.

Countries no longer war, but economically seized the goods and countries. It buys and buys the most critical industrial establishments and banks. He's got you all tied up.

We must develop our domestic and national industries. Societies that cannot establish their national industry can never be free, but they become servants of developed societies.

As industrialists, we need to work harder and to increase our national income by exporting all the strategic products that we need, by producing more domestic and national branded products together with all IP and patent rights.

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