TCDD for the Conviction of Former Examiners

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Bilecik Bozüyük 123 Electrification Maintenance Supervisor candidate will be recruited to plant the device in the ex-convicts quotas mechanical means and the oral examination held on 02.05.2018 for the crane operator who originally gained; The documents mentioned below must be submitted to 08.08.2018 Regional Directorate Haydarpaşa / İSTANBUL personally and submitted to the company. 1. The contact phone number of the Regional Directorate is 1 0 216 348 80 / 20.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Directorate of Izmir Alsancak Road Mechanical Workshop will be hired ex-convicts in quotas mechanical means plant equipment and crane operators for the actual winner as the oral exam held on 02.05.2018 candidates; The following documents must be submitted to the 08.08.2018 Regional Directorate Alsancak / İZMİR in person before 3. 3. The telephone number of the Regional Directorate is 0232 464 31 31 / 4409.

1. 2 Copy of identity card (Notarized or authenticated and approved by TCDD representative.)

  1. 2 Quantity Diploma copy (approved or notarized by Notary Public and approved by TCDD representative)
  2. 2 Piece Military status document (demobilization, deferment or exemption)
  3. 2 Penal criminal record (public prosecutor or e-government with password) is. will be taken from. A court order will be requested from those with criminal record.)
  4. 2 Number of ex-convicts (Public Prosecutor's Office)
  5. 6 Pieces Photo
  6. The service schedule for any social security institution subject to the implementation of the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law, if any
  7. A screening test conducted in a full-fledged state hospital or any of the official university hospitals. (Test to determine alcohol or drug addiction)
  8. Health Board Report from a full-fledged state hospital or official university hospital
    In the Health Board Report;
    Vision Degrees (right-left eye specified separately),
    Color Inspection (ishihora test),
    Hearing examination should be performed (XYUMX, 500, 1000 frequencies should be 2000-0 dB).

The Health Board Report, which has been received, will be evaluated by the group identifier in accordance with the Health and Psychotechnical Directive of the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways.

In case the group is sent to the Psychotechnical Evaluation if the Mechanical Appliance Facility is suitable for the Device and Crane Operator, then the commencement process will be performed if the result is sufficient for Mechanical Equipment Facility Equipment and Crane Operator.

In case of inadequate group or inadequacy in the psychotechnical evaluation, work cannot be started.

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