TÜDEMSAŞ 750 Receives Order for National Freight Wagon

TÜDEMSAŞ, which has been operating for more than 78 years as the biggest industrial establishment of Sivas and has been a bread gate for almost every family in this process, has achieved many firsts that have contributed to the development of the country's railways to date. to make the steam locomotive and freight cars of maintenance Established in 1939, Turkey Railway Machines Industry Inc. (TÜDEMSAŞ) improving itself over time in terms of technical infrastructure and facility; It manufactured the first freight wagon in 1953, and in 1961 launched the first domestic steam locomotive of our country, BOZKURT.

TÜDEMSAŞ is the freight wagon production center of our country with its R & D activities and the new generation of freight wagons that it produced through these studies as it was yesterday.

Since its establishment, around 25 thousand new freight wagons have been produced in TÜDEMSAŞ, and maintenance and repair of nearly 350 thousand wagons have been carried out. TÜDEMSAŞ, in order to develop and grow the domestic and national railway industry, in line with the 2023 Vision and 2035 targets set by the state; It contributes significantly to new investments in Sivas and creating new employment areas for the people of the region by promoting the private sector.
Thanks to technological investments and system changes made in recent years, TÜDEMSAŞ has become a global company that competes with companies in Europe and presents competitive products recognized worldwide. In the last 3 year, we produce new generation platform and container transport wagons, fully automatic closed ore transport wagons and heated oil wagons; It has the lowest quality and minimum functional capacity of 2 and its highest functional characteristics in Europe as well as in our country and it has started to be preferred in both domestic and foreign freight transportation.

The design, project planning, testing and certification processes of the New Generation National Freight Wagon, which is one of the three leg of the National Train Project, have been completed in a short period of time such as 3, and mass production has been started and 55 series has been put into service. 2018 150 units will be delivered by 750 in March. In addition, 3-4 has been replaced with a new generation of freight cars, including the 2020 year.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made a speech to the public on December 10, 2017 at SİVAS; Emphasizing that they have placed Sivas at the center of all railway networks, “We are strengthening TÜDEMSAŞ for export as well as the needs of our country. This suits Sivas, which is the production center of our country's freight wagons. ” TÜDEMSAŞ, which follows the current developments in the railway sector on a global scale and closely and contributes at least 10 million TL to the Sivas economy every month, also aims to export its products abroad by increasing its capacity.

On the other hand, with the existing infrastructure and knowledge of the Company, it also has the opportunity and ability to contribute to the National Defense Industry and National Automobile projects, if necessary, and to fulfill a duty to be given to it. However, it was said that it would not be rational for TÜDEMSAŞ, which did not have any work difficulties in meeting the increasing wagon needs of the country and the region, and that it became the locomotive in line with the goal of becoming the freight wagon center of the country, turning to the automotive and defense industry.

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