Rolls-Royce's MTU engines will be used in port tugs

Shipyards are Sanmen with Rolls-Royce, the new terminal will be used in four of eight tugboats signed the contract covering the delivery of MTU engines 4000 in Turkey. The contract also includes an optional four engine. The tugs will be fitted with two 1.850V 2.700 M16L MTU engines, each capable of generating 4000 kW at 73 rpm. MTU operates as part of Rolls-Royce Power Systems.

Mar MTU's technical support, service and reliability of MTU engines have helped us choose MTU engines in our new Robert Allen / Rastar 2900sx tugs, San said Alimar Shipyards Project Director Ali Gürün. Sanmar and MTU have been working closely since 2009.

Knut Müller, Head of the MTU Maritime and Public Relations Unit, said: ilk For the first time in history, high-speed engines will be used in port tugs in this power category. To date, it was only possible to use medium-speed engines with average 85 tonnes of traction in port tugs. We are very pleased that we can successfully enter such a market. ”The speed of the engine has been reduced to the unique 1.850 circuit per minute to ensure that Sanmar Shipyards can control the propeller without the need for any intermediate gearboxes.

The fleet, operated by the Danish tugboat company Svitzer as of the year 2018, will be added to the terminal tugs Robert Allen / Rastar 30 SX, which are less than 2900 meters in length. Tugboats will be used at Tanger-Med Port in Morocco, which has signed an agreement with Svitzer for 20 year as part of terminal tug services. Located on the northwest coast of Africa, this port is strategically important due to its proximity to the Mediterranean entrance via the Strait of Gibraltar and being the second busiest container port on the African continent.

In addition to this agreement, MTU and Sanmar signed an additional agreement for the delivery of four 70V 2.000 M16 engines, each of which will power 4000 kW to two trailers with 63'er traction capacity for use by Svitzer. With the new agreements, the number of trailers manufactured by Sanmar so far and equipped with MTU engines has been increased to 16. MTU engines were preferred in half of the tug types produced by Sanmar Shipyards.

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