Panic Button for Public Transport in Kayseri

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality continues to do the first in Turkey, in-house tools to be able to intervene immediately to adverse fleet is preparing panic button 'to bring.

Assign his signature work with the first in Turkey Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to take a new ground. The metropolitan municipality, which will make the public transportation vehicles used in the city and districts 'panic button', aims to intervene immediately in any negative situation in buses. Feyzullah Gündoğdu, General Manager of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, said that all of the vehicles serving in the city and districts were tracked through camera and vehicle tracking modules. In addition to this, there is a public transportation fleet consisting of 600 minibuses which transport passengers between districts and Kayseri. The entire fleet is monitored and monitored in the Fleet Management Center. We have 172 units on each bus, and our minibuses have 3 cameras. Apart from these, our vehicle tracking modules are also in our vehicles. Both cameras and drivers in the vehicle are monitored by the status of the drivers and vehicles, as well as vehicle tracking modules where the vehicles are monitored. Hem

Giving information about the 'panic button', Gündoğdu said that they aimed to provide a more comfortable and safe service with the application. This application will be the first in Turkey in the field Gundogdu said they have implemented, "there was a very bad events in our country in recent years. In order to prevent this, we made a panic button application in case of emergency in order to make emergency calls to passengers. This is the first application in this area, perhaps in Turkey. In the event of an emergency, the passenger can send alarms to the fleet management by pushing the button and at the same time the driver can send an emergency call to the Fleet Management Center by the button located next to the driver. When this call is received, the camera in the vehicle is automatically displayed in Fleet Management Center. After watching the situation in the vehicle at that moment, the operator is informed about the situation in the vehicle. In this way, we aim to offer our passengers a more comfortable and safer service. Fully focused on our work in this direction. The work we have done here is also a part of it. Bur

Feyzullah Gündoğdu added that the fleet would be implemented in the entire fleet in a month. We've done test setups on several vehicles, purchases are complete. Camera installations are in progress. Within a month, we will have commissioned the entire fleet. Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality has once again realized a first in public transportation taşımacılık.

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