Statement by the Police for the allegation of "Beating Musician Gülşah Erol"

There was a debate in the subway when the police wanted to search the cello bag of musician Gülşah Erol. The artist shared his experiences on social media. Istanbul Police Department made a statement on the subject

In Istanbul Kadıköy At the entrance of the subway, the musician Gülşah Erol was asked to look for a cello bag by the police, while a discussion took place. The artist said, “On August 2, yesterday, I was beaten by 2 police officers. Kadıköy At the entrance of the subway. They closed my instrument in a room by declaring a bomb and me as a terrorist. I was handcuffed, punched and kicked over and over again. ” He said by saying.


Istanbul Police Department, KadıköyHe reported that the female musician allegedly battered by the police at the subway station in Istanbul was detained for insulting the police and was charged with "resistance to the officer in charge", "insult" and "intentional injury".

In a written statement made from the police, it was stated that there is a need to inform the public about the news titled “The musician proclaimed the police beating, terrorist to the room and closed it in the room” in some press organizations.

GE's woman was on Wednesday, 2 August at 17.40 Kadıköy In the statement that he wants to leave his bag to private security officers in the eastern turnstiles, the person was detained as a result of shouting 'Is there a bomb' and then insulting one of the police officers who came to warn him, by squeezing his throat, about the person. "The resistance against the officer in charge", "insult" and "intentional injury" was dealt with. " expressions were included.

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