Municipal buses in Batman carry an average of 652 people per month

Our 60 bus 44, operating under Batman Municipality Business and Subsidiaries Department, continues its services at 581 neighborhood.

Buses that provide comfort in urban public transportation serve with an average capacity of 64 people.

The city buses serving our citizens on the 13 route determined in the city center of Batman, 21 thousand 760 652 thousand 830 a day in the city center is moving to different points in the city center.

Deputy Mayor Ertuğ Şevket AKSOY stated that the daily average 21 bin 760 has been transported in our buses: günlük The capacity of our passengers has increased with our new vehicles. The number of passengers with the previous 549 thousand 652 thousand 830 with our new vehicles reached the person before. We provide a comfortable, safe and economical service to our citizens with our public transportation vehicles. Toplu

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