Düzce Istanbul Street nostalgic tram tender

Within the scope of the Pedestrianization Project, a nostalgic tram was built in Istanbul Street to blow up the famous Istiklal Street. The cost of the tram to the municipality will be 1 million 700 thousand TL.

Duzce Mayor Mehmet Keles, one of the pupil projects of Istanbul Street, is continuing to be pedestrianized. The street was planned to be turned into an open-air shopping center.

Duzce Mayor Mehmet Keles, who decided to implement the project, which is the dream of the mayors of 20 for years, cannot be implemented. The nostalgic tram, which is one of the details of the project, will combine with the details of the illumination and other details. In addition, this tram can be used as a vehicle by the citizens will also have a nostalgic image.

In a short time, the street is expected to be done and the street along the street 950 meters and the auction of the tram was made. The locomotive and rail auctions will cost 1 million 700 thousand TL to the municipality.

Source : I www.oncurtv.co

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