Transport and Logistics Congresses Series Begins

Transport and Logistics Congresses Series: Congresses of Transportation and Logistics are organized by the Istanbul University Faculty of Transport and Logistics. It is planned to have two separate congresses in the field of Transport and Logistics on a regular basis both nationally and internationally.

Transportation Logistics Congresses series will start with 26-27 October 2017 with Transportation Logistics National Congress (ULUK 2017) hosted by Istanbul University Faculty of Transportation and Logistics.
Through the Transportation and Logistics Congresses, it is aimed to provide an organization that can share the knowledge, experience and experience of academics, bureaucrats, non-governmental organizations and sector representatives and to create innovative solutions to problems in the field of transportation and logistics at local and global level and to establish a common platform in these rapidly developing areas. . It is aimed to strengthen sector-university cooperation with special sessions and panels to be organized within the congresses.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Turkish State Railways Transportation Co., IETT, the IRU Academy, Chamber of Shipping of Istanbul Exporters 'Union General Secretary, Association of Turkey Port Operators (TÜRKLİM), the International Transporters' Association (UND), International Transport and Logistics Service Providers Association (UTIKAD ), Rail Freight Association (DTD), Turkey Freight Forwarders Association (TND) and the Association of Heavy Transporter (aND) supported by Transport Logistics Congress, the area formed one of the leading academics and industry representatives Academic and industry Advisory Boards with sure steps towards becoming a permanent convention series it is progressing.

Transport and Logistics Congresses will play a key role in the creation of the idea environment for the production of sustainable solution proposals in the light of the feedback received from the sector through analytical and managerial perspectives.
In this context, increasing the ranking of our country in the global logistics index, which has a great advantage with the strategic position of the Transportation and Logistics Congresses in the logistics sector, will provide invaluable contributions in achieving the main targets such as bringing the transportation infrastructure of our country above the requirements of the age.

Transportation and Logistics in order to create a permanent value in our country in this area to contribute to scientific studies and to create a basic resource that can be used by stakeholders is among the objectives of the Transport and Logistics Congress.

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