Conversion of minibuses on the bus to Antalya

Antalya Airport transfer to the bus has been completed without any problems: Antalya Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel, the transformation of public transportation in a smooth transition, stating that they are satisfied with the new buses, the citizen said. Türel, with the new system, the traffic will be relieved, line fight will not happen, passenger problems racing in the vehicle for the past, he said.

Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel also made statements about the transportation revolution at the press conference in Tünektepe. Emphasizing that the reform implemented in Antalya is desired to be implemented in every period, President Türel stated that a revolution has been realized in transportation. Türel said: “Another dream of Antalya comes true with public transportation. You can see in the statement of other political representatives that this arrangement is Antalya's dream. Today, the bus return of minibuses in Antalya has been tried to be made in every period, but it was never achieved. When it looks at the province providing this transformation in Turkey as well as experienced much confusion. In other words, those who remember the transformation of minibuses into buses in İzmir during the time of Yüksel Çakmur, know that weapons were talking at that time. Today, a revolution is taking place in Antalya, of course, a troubled period is going on, but we believe that happy births begin painfully. We made a very important public transportation change. This transformation has been completed without any problems, except for a few cracked voices made by a few interests-loving people in Antalya. I owe a debt of gratitude to all my colleagues, transport tradesmen and essentially the people of Antalya for making this transformation happen almost without any damage. "

Mayor Türel stated that they have been acting together with the transportation tradesmen since the first day of the planning and implementation of the transportation reform, and said that the tradesmen also moved with the Metropolitan Municipality within this system. Türel said: “Since the first day, we said 'we want to walk on this path with our tradesmen in the system'. We have said that we have no doubt that the transformation we have made will benefit the tradesmen, especially the people of Antalya. Hopefully time will justify us again. Just like when I brought the smart card to Antalya for the first time in the 2004-2009 period, I was hit by some circles and exposed to slanders that I did not deserve, then the same circles came to me in my 2014 election campaign and said, 'Oh, please bring the smart card, we regret what we did to you, your The fact that he almost confessed that what you said was true 'is the best indication that we have studied well on this subject. "

President Türel continued his words as follows: “Today, apart from a few self-interested cracked voices, our shopkeepers have been with us in this system. Unfortunately, those who tried to direct our tradesmen with many lies and mistakes caused our tradesmen to pay heavier bills. What was said, it was said that this system cannot be passed, what happened? Passed. Don't worry, it will come back from the judiciary. They pretend to be judges. They are so daring. How can you deceive the shopkeepers by putting yourself in the place of the judiciary? They said, 'You will continue with your old minibuses, do not sell your cars, minibuses', so the practice started. Of course, everyone has the right to apply to the judiciary, and there, thank goodness, the decisions are in our favor. Our neck is thinner than a hair in the face of judicial decisions. As stated by the mayor before me, the transportation of the minibuses since then has been stopped by a court decision. But unfortunately, those court decisions were tolerated so that the people of Antalya would not wait at the bus stops, including my first few years of office. Now a legal environment is emerging. But what was done, the tradesmen went and were deceived by a few rent-seeking beneficiaries. They refused to take their vehicles, they were late. early fields kazanwas. Again, those who believe what Menderes Türel says kazanwas. When mass vehicle sales started towards the end, vehicle prices decreased for those who wanted to sell their vehicle. Vehicle prices for car buyers have increased. From there, they faced a financial bill. Shame on those people. Those who made those people pay these prices are still trying to provoke them with lies. However, we have been with our tradesmen from the very beginning, and we said that we will embark on this journey with our tradesmen.”

Mayor Menderes Türel stated that as the Metropolitan Municipality, they can solve the intensity by renting a car, but they expect the tradesmen to be included in the system in order not to victimize the transportation tradesmen. Türel stated the following: “The Metropolitan Municipality, if it wishes, can carry out all public transportation by removing the tradesmen with the land of UKOME. Thank God, the Metropolitan Municipality has the power to buy 400 buses and put a driver on each of them. We do not think of throwing our shopkeepers out of the door. We are presenting an application that will benefit our tradesmen. Yesterday, friends said, there was an increase in plate prices immediately. The plate exchange instantly flew away. Small business kazanwas his own kazanThose who do not think about the people of Antalya but think about the people of Antalya have always provoked this work. Our problem is Antalya, our problem is Antalya residents, but I wrote on social media on the first day, we are doing this job thanks to the people of Antalya, we are doing this with their patience, their trust and support. If they were not patient, we could neither build the rail system, nor the intersections, nor provide such an undamaged transportation in public transportation, but we could not provide any of them.”

The first day of the new system, said the President walks out with clothes tebdili Türel said, Tür Early in the morning on my head in my tracksuit, I walked around the headbands. I checked all of them. Don't look at the media, it's as if they're very big. I wandered between them, the citizens waiting, and they all believed in this system. Citizens are reluctant to travel with new cars that are sensitive to the environment with modern, contemporary, disabled ramps, rather than go through these old stuffy minibuses.

Türel, who stated that the ones who delay the tradesmen in order to provoke the tradesmen in the first days, caused a little accumulation in the stops, said: ler We carried out the transition process in a delicate balance between the tradesmen and the citizens. It's like a seesaw. In such a delicate equilibrium, we took this to the point where the trades are most anxious. The municipality has added its own vehicles into the system. If I went to supply a vehicle as a municipality because the tradesmen didn't supply enough vehicles, our tradesmen would immediately worry. He said that the look is slowly replicating municipal vehicles, brought us out completely. But none of them lost their faith in us. They trusted us. Now, every day, delayed shopkeepers are adding tools to the system. The increase in the number of vehicles will also decrease day by day. On the first day we transported by 341, the second day by 355 vehicle. Added 14 tool in one day. As of yesterday, the 370 was the vehicle. The 15-20 vehicle is added as you complete the trades.

Would it be better if he hired a municipal car instead? Yeah, but this time, we could have trouble getting the shopkeepers to believe it. As I said, we moved it to this point in a delicate balance. Our tradesmen now owned the business. They are working to resolve these problems. I think the 15-20 vehicle will be added to the system on Monday, Tuesday. Ann

Stating that the revolutionary regulation in transportation will also ease the traffic, President Menderes Türel said, “In the past, approximately 200-250 thousand citizens were transported by 880 vehicles in public transportation in Antalya. So many vehicles were paralyzing Antalya traffic. We say that the number of vehicles is already high for public transportation, and that this job can be done very easily with 400 buses. This is the point today. Now, as I said in public transportation, as long as tradesmen provide their vehicles, a problem-free process is in question with each passing day, ”he said.

President Menderes Türel said, "You will no longer see public transportation vehicles competing on the streets of Antalya because I will take two more passengers," said President Menderes Türel, "Because whether he takes two or not. kazanmoney is equal. I go to the bread line, the fight about not going to the line with few passengers is the most important factor that has paralyzed public transportation in Antalya for years. The tradesmen did not go to the line where there was a person at the top of the mountain. Now that's over too because everyone will go to each line. Those who go less or even more will receive an equal share from the pool collected in the middle. It doesn't matter. While those who go to a few lines and those who go to many lines receive an equal share, there is a necessity, a uniform vehicle. We did this for him. But we said that we will do the most modern, the most efficient and the best one while we were switching to a single type of vehicle. I think we have solved this issue thanks to the support of the people of Antalya, and we are. In public transportation, some troublesome processes will be eliminated as in the past.”

Türel, who said that they carry the citizens of the countryside with small minibuses as the Metropolitan Municipality said: u We rented a car 30, put our drivers on it, now no complaints from our citizens in the countryside. What was the complaint of our rural citizens? At night the 10.00 did not go to a single passenger at the beginning of the mountain. Because he was hurting when he went to a passenger. The tradesman will think of his bread. In fact, when we look at each side is right, it becomes difficult to solve the problem. We said; Let's carry the lines that are not very profitable. Our job is not to profit, to serve the citizens, to make happy. Now we are carrying all citizens with the vehicles of the Metropolitan Municipality. Our goal is the satisfaction of the citizen. 1 This transformation has happened since February, and this is being implemented. Nobody is aware of them. If you have a passenger at the beginning of the mountain at night 10.00, we are leaving now. As long as he is a passenger who can't go there, he will not sleep with us. We're running after these things by worrying about these troubles. But those who want to provoke, the provocative members of the media immediately hangs in the queues of these beneficiaries. We need to consider Antalya. We all aim to serve Antalya. Hep

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