Sector listened to Mitsubishi Electric

The industry has listened to Mitsubishi Electric: For heating, ventilation and air conditioning automation, the industry has listened to Mitsubishi Electric.
"Advanced technology" known first of the coming global brand Mitsubishi Electric, in the event organized in Istanbul, heating, such as ventilation and air-conditioning projects all over the world in the automation told us it was too ambitious a player in Turkey. Mitsubishi Electric Mitsubishi in the event of the announcement of high value-added automation solutions in the Marmaray Electric Turkey President Masahiro Fujisawa, emphasized the brand's radical innovation heritage to the market needs to offer high quality and efficiency, combining automation with the ability to correct analysis.
Electricity, electronics and the world leader in the field of automation and Turkey Turksat 4A and 4B satellites as well as the Marmaray project used in automation technology with striking Mitsubishi Electric, heating, ventilation and air conditioning issues automation work in the sector space industry meeting Ankara's after this time in Istanbul held in. Mitsubishi Electric Turkey, the Sheraton Istanbul Ataköy "heating automation, ventilation and air conditioning solutions" in the activities carried out under the theme of public and private sector representatives, investors, contracting firms, contractors were met with consultants and universities.
in his opening speech at the event, Mitsubishi Electric Turkey President Masahiro Fujisawa, superior technology, known for its innovative approach and high quality for many different sectors, products from Mitsubishi Electric, a 120 year old world, operating in 43 countries today with a workforce of more than 95 thousand reminded that giant . Masahiro Fujisawa explained that Mitsubishi Electric, which combines its deep-rooted innovation heritage with its ability to accurately analyze the needs of the market and users in all sectors it serves, has thus achieved to become a brand that offers solution-oriented advanced technologies.
World manufacturers for over 95 years with high quality and efficiency for advanced automation systems Mitsubishi stressed that Electric trust in Fujisawa, "while our factory automation products in Turkey, design, project planning, combined with our engineering skills in software and commissioning in Turkey offer a high quality service" as he spoke.
What was told at the event?
Mitsubishi Electric Turkey President Masahiro Fujisawa in activities carried out presentations of the keynote speech followed by unit managers, Mitsubishi as well as all over the world Electric Turkey too ambitious a player that heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC - Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) automation of industry Detailed information was given about their work. Within the scope of the event, Mitsubishi Electric's heating, cooling and mechanical ventilation system solutions were explained with practical examples; fire system solutions, electrical distribution and management systems of the brand were also introduced.
The Marmaray presentation of Bülent Özince from Taisei Corporatian attracted attention
One of the names that attracted great attention in the sector meeting was Electro Mechanics Manager Bülent Özince of Taisei Corporation, who participated as a guest speaker. Since 1873, the project attracted worldwide attention signatories Japanese giant Taisei Corporation, Turkey also stands out with Marmaray project of vital importance for Istanbul. In this context, Bülent Özince made statements about the Marmaray tunnel construction realized with the Taisei-Gama-Nurol consortium and the services of Mitsubishi Electric, which add high value to the project.
Mitsubishi Electric's services in Marmaray
Turkey Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Systems, which holds an important place within the scope of infrastructure projects in the fields of activity, Marmaray "Station Information and Management System Project" was carried out. Mitsubishi Electric's services within the scope of Marmaray BC1 Bosphorus Crossing Project; Advanced technology automation equipment consists of engineering and design, project planning, software programming, hardware assembly, commissioning, training and service support. Mitsubishi Electric, which performs the control and monitoring of electromechanical equipment in the tunnel, all stations, ventilation buildings and generator buildings, has also implemented the scenarios required to feed the energy systems of Marmaray by two TEİAŞ and two generator groups on both sides.
Works carried out by Mitsubishi Electric in the tunnels within the scope of the Marmaray Bosphorus Crossing Project; Control and monitoring of the ventilation system, starting, stopping and monitoring of smoke evacuation scenarios, opening and closing flood doors, monitoring and monitoring the alarms of the drainage system, monitoring and controlling lighting, monitoring environmental measurement systems, monitoring fire alarm and extinguishing systems. The works of the brand in the station and ventilation buildings are the control and monitoring of common area and room fans, control and monitoring of low voltage distribution and UPS systems, monitoring of fire and extinguishing systems, control and monitoring of common area lighting, monitoring of clean water, dirty and waste water systems, walking The control and monitoring of the stairs consists of monitoring the elevators.
100 percent redundant control system in Marmaray
In the Marmaray control system, which is designed as 100 redundancy with a percentage; 37 bin hardware monitoring and control point, 107 bin software monitoring and control point, 750 operator display control page and 100 mileage communication cable. In this way, for example, in the event of a fire in the tunnel, the operators can contact the train operator at the relevant event point and determine the direction of the air flow in order to evacuate the passenger and the smoke. This allows the system to initiate an easily defined ventilation scenario by minimizing the possibility of error by directing the operator.
Why is HVAC system automation ambitious?
World automation giant Mitsubishi Electric, other infrastructure projects in Turkey as in the Marmaray, factories, as well as the residential and office projects as hotels, shopping malls, parking lots, tunnels, pools, such as all kinds of public-use solutions in the automation of HVAC systems in the field partner aims to be. Mitsubishi Electric automation solutions enable each element of the HVAC system to communicate with each other and to easily manage the entire system from a single center. Combining its automation power, superior technology and quality in the HVAC sector with its engineering experience, Mitsubishi Electric is also able to offer project-specific solutions.
With its user-friendly and long-lasting automation solutions, Mitsubishi Electric creates significant energy savings and reduces costs in businesses and projects and creates healthy, comfortable and safe environments. It reduces carbon dioxide emissions and total emissions in production. Speed ​​control and lighting control system applications can save money. Thanks to all these features, Mitsubishi Electric stands out as an ambitious solution partner for the automation of HVAC systems of environmentally friendly facilities and projects.
The power of a single center management
Mitsubishi Electric, the forerunner of technology, controls complex systems such as shopping malls, hotels, business centers with control systems compatible with eF @ ctory concept, as well as industrial facilities such as highways, tunnels, dams, power plants and factories, heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, generator, booster, water treatment can manage many different mechanisms such as carbon dioxide gas monitoring and exhaust control system in a single center. These systems are also integrated with other security systems such as CCTV (closed circuit television), card access, fire detection, and provide control of the entire structure from a single center with minimum personnel and maximum efficiency.
Change target for a greener future
Working for a better future and a sustainable world as a green company, Mitsubishi Electric was a sensitive company even before the environmental issue was a prominent theme in the world. In the 1960s, when he began to attract attention as the most innovative electronics manufacturer in Japan, he had already begun to explore environmentally responsible manufacturing technologies at the same time. Mitsubishi Electric, within the scope of its long-term environmental management vision “Environment Vision 100” and in line with its “Eco Changes” philosophy; aims to contribute to awareness raising and encourage environmental awareness on low carbon emission and recycling issues.

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