70% support to Izmir Bay Crossing Project

70 percent support for the Izmir Gulf Crossing Project: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Yıldırım said, “The Izmir Gulf Crossing Project is largely ready. The EIA process continues. In the evaluations in İzmir public opinion, the support to the project seems to be over 70 percent. A large part of the city believes that the project will be very useful for Izmir. ” The discussion on the social media about the Gulf Passage yesterday was flared and stated that they wanted more than half of the 55 thousand people who participated in the survey to be between 10-30 liras.
Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, stated that the Izmir Gulf Crossing Project is largely ready, “In the evaluations in İzmir public opinion, the support for the project seems to be over 70 percent.”
Yildirim, AA correspondent, said that the work on Çandarlı Port is continuing, the infrastructure is largely finished, the superstructure of the build-operate-transfer model for the process began to be reported.
Stating that Çandarlı Port will bid for the superstructure works in the middle of this year, Yıldırım said, “It will be held in three stages. When the first stage is completed, we will reach a capacity of approximately 4 million containers, but it will eventually exceed 10 million. Our preparations for this continue. "Our General Directorate of Highways and TCDD General Directorate are working simultaneously, not only for the superstructure of the port, but also for the connection of road and rail links to the main transportation networks."
“We promised that we would take measures to prevent projects from delaying”
Yıldırım reminded that the Izmir Bay Crossing Project was compared to the Bosphorus crossing and Marmaray projects of Istanbul and reminded that it was planned as a bridge over the sea, some of which will be located together.
Expressing that the project is largely ready, Yıldırım said, “Both project studies and studies have been completed. The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process continues. On the one hand, Izmir public opinion evaluates and criticizes the project. There are positive and negative evaluations, but in the evaluations made so far, the support for the project appears to be over 70 percent. A large part of the city believes that the project will be very useful for İzmir. There are explanations that İzmir will ease the north-south traffic and shorten the time. This is encouraging. We do not do anything in Izmir, despite the people of Izmir. Whenever this business says okay, we will do what it takes right away. ”
Stating that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality did not have a statement that it directly opposed the project, Yıldırım said that the municipality supports the project, but some non-governmental organizations think negatively about the project, but a large part of Izmir especially supports this project.
Yıldırım explained to the people of Izmir before the November 1 elections that they promised to take all kinds of measures to prevent the delay of the projects and said, “We will not let Izmir lose time regarding the projects related to the municipality or our government. Therefore, we are trying to follow up on behalf of the municipality in Ankara on the projects of the municipality. We have always used initiative for solutions in big projects that will prepare Izmir's future for the solution of Izmir's problems, and in the same way, in cooperation with the municipality, we will work together on the common denominator of Izmir's future. ”

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