Turkey insists on investing in Bombardier

Turkey insists on investing in Bombardier: Bombardier, committed to investing in Turkey. Regional Chairman Dieter John, "no matter what the political situation will continue to invest in Turkey. If we receive the tender of TCDD, we are planning an investment of 100 million euros. ”

Canadian rail system and the aircraft manufacturer Bombardier, the company continues to insist for rail investments in Turkey. TCDD 2016 year it plans to release in the first quarter 80 units prepared to speed trainset tender Bombardier, Eastern Europe and the Middle East Region President Dieter John, John, indicating a strategic point of view they approached the railway area of ​​Turkey, investment 100 million domestic partner together if they win the tender said that they foresaw.

Bombardier, who has been preparing for the tender of TCDD's 80 high speed train set for more than a year, signed a contract with a Turkish company in March in order to fulfill the 50 localization rate requirement. In the 16 signed by Aysel Yücel news published on March Bombardier high-speed trains in the world president of sales Furio Rossi, Turkey had reported that they wanted to bring into production base in the railway.

The bidding deadline nears top management of the Bombardieri increased their contacts in Turkey has held talks in Ankara the previous day. After the talks Dieter John Answering questions in the world, since 1986 years they have been serving in Turkey and that they make significant contributions to urban transport.

Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, as well as rail system, metro, tram, as well as signaling support that they also provide John, the future of the future to expand their presence, said they want to increase opportunities. He added that they have made investments in metro and locomotive up until now and that they want to add train investments. John also mentioned about John We have homework and we are preparing for this ini. According to the tender specifications, they have to find a local partner and have signed a confidentiality agreement, so they will not disclose the partner's name for the time, Dieter John said. they are not the only suppliers in Turkey, spread to wider areas in accordance describe what they were doing work on the production John, "We are in continuous contact with Turkey. We see a steady improvement especially in public transport. We want to contribute to this development with more invasive products. Biz

”The election does not affect our investment plans“

basic perspectives towards Turkey "long-term strategic partnership" as defined Dieter John, "On behalf of Bombardier and Turkey are trying to uncover the Win-Win situation," he said. Stating that affect them, the election environment in Turkey John, no matter what the political situation will continue to work transfer. Be aware of Turkey's geographical advantage, which emphasized Dieter John, could serve as a bridge between the Middle East and Europe, an important corridor rail traffic might be, so it was reported that they pay special attention to Turkey



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