German Company Hessische Landesbahn Signed a New Agreement

German Company Hessische Landesbahn Signed Another Agreement: The tender for the provision and management of the Netz Südhessen-Untermain passenger service in Germany, covering European companies, has been concluded. In a joint statement from Rhein-Main, Rheinland-Palatinate SSD and Bayern Transport, Hessische Landesbahn was selected to perform the operational management of the line. The company will start its mission from December 2018.

The agreement covers two main lines;

  • RB75: Wiesbaden-Mainz-Dartrenlemstadt-Aschaffenburg
  • RB55: Frankfurt-Maintal-Hanau-Aschaffenburg-Laufach

In the course of the agreement, the number of voyages on the RB75 line and the number of weekends are included. The RB55 line will expand from Aschaffenburg to Laufach.

Alstom Coradia trains will be used on the lines. The maximum speed of the trains will be 160 km / h. Wi-fi, electric sockets and bicycle luggage will be in the trains to be renewed.

Günceleme: 07/12/2018 17:11

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