Erzurum Logistics Village completed the first stage project

Erzurum Logistics Village first stage project was completed: It was stated that the first stage project work of Erzurum Palandöken Logistics Village was completed, and with the opening of the logistics village, there will be a vitality in Erzurum's socio-economic structure.
The first phase of the Palandöken Logistics Village Project, which was tendered the previous year and consisted of 2 phases, has been completed. It is stated that after the first stage, which cost 26 million liras, the second stage project tender will be held in the coming months. With the logistics village established on an area of ​​360 thousand square meters into service, Erzurum will become one of the important logistics centers of the region. The logistics village, in which various units will be located, also adds significant value to the economy of the city, region and country. kazanIt was stated that it will be released.
State Railways Erzurum Gar Operation Manager Yunus Yesilyurt, logistics village is completed the first stage and within the next week, the contractor will take the official delivery of the company said. The first stage of the building and the construction of the environment, the bored pile construction of the 320 thousand cubic meters of excavation on the area and again completed the work on the filling of 450 thousand cubic meters. Yeşilyurt, 17 in the second phase of the project, the installation of mileage, additional storage and maneuvering areas, customer storage and container areas are made of the construction is noted.
Noting that there was no change in the logistics village project and that it was carried out in its original form, the Station Operations Manager said, “The logistics village project continues as it is approved. The first stage cost 26 million lira. The second stage project is expected to be completed within the year. In the next year, the second stage is planned to be completed and the logistics village is planned to be put into service. With the introduction of the logistics village, it is expected that employment, production and social life will be lively. The works in the logistics village, where one-stop transportation will be made, continue as planned. " he spoke.
It is a specific region where all activities related to transportation, logistics and goods distribution at national or international level are carried out by various operators. These villages are generally located outside the metropolitan areas, close to the different types of transport links. In logistics villages, transportation, storage, consolidation, separation, customs clearance, import and export, transit operations, infrastructure, insurance and banking, consultancy services are provided.

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