He Close The Way Through His Land When He Didn't Get The Expropriation Price

As he could not get the expropriation fee, he closed the road passing through his land: The Rahmanlar Dam, which will provide drinking and irrigation water to Ödemiş, continues to have problems related to expropriation. When a landowner from Derebebekler village could not get the cost of expropriation, he closed the passageway which opened for the dam to his own land.
The landowner Mustafa Köle stated that they had agreed with the contractor for expropriation but had not been paid since April. Yapıl Our trees are already under the value and they are not paying. Despite our warnings, we had to close the road when no payment was made. Uy
Aktaş Dam and the Rahmanlar Dam between the land expropriated land, especially the producers who claim that there is a big difference between the trees in the Aktas Dam in the 430 pounds per tree, Rahmanlar Dam will be given per tree 100 liras said. Producers who stated that they will stay out of production as their land will be inundated, said that the land and trees should be taken in value.
Dereuzunyer and Derebebekler villages that will be inundated by the dam in the west of the road to the new road expropriation payment is closed to traffic Mustafa Slave, yer I will not open the way until payment is made. They said that they would pay 400-450 pounds per tree when they first came to our village. We don't have a lot of land in our area. But there are many olive trees. Our income comes from olive. All these olive trees will be cut together with the dam. We do not say the dam is not, we pay the right to pay whatever we say. 400-450 liradan tree, 100 pounded until the pound. We made a deal with the contractor, but since April, there is no payment. So I had to close the part of the road. I've been very patient, but I didn't leave me anything else. We are waiting for a payment in the amount of 21 pounds in question, we are already out of production bari right time give us the right, UM he said.
”DSI is your voice ES
Hüseyin Korkmaz, one of the citizens who stated that the expropriation turned into a nightmare for them, said, maz Although we were very close to Ödemiş, we were left without a name and no one. DSI speaks separately, the contractor speaks separately. Will our trees go at the expense of nothing. There are centuries old trees here. These are the olive trees that support our ancestors. At least 300 tons of olive oil in this region that produces more value than the oat. While we are giving our trees 100 liras, we have learned that 430 pounds are given per tree in Aktaş Dam. Why this double standard? We will emigrate to Ödemiş, as our entire income will disappear with the olive dam. If we are not paid properly, how will we get hold of Ödemiş. No one thinks about these people. Let us listen to our Regional Director of DSI. Our people no longer had to close the way to the last resort. We are not against the dam, but for years we have paid for the real price for our trees. Let our people not be victimized İnsanlar.

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