One hundred percent of Istanbul's first indigenous production rails (Photo Gallery)

The first domestically produced tram from one hundred percent Istanbul landed on the rails: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş introduced Istanbul's first domestically produced tram and made its test drive. President Topbaş stated that new vehicles are produced at 50 percent less cost, “We do not only save money, but also technological experience. kazanWe are both training and raising the engineers of the future," he said.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has added a new one to its transportation investments. The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, aiming for the 2019 kilometer rail system line as of 420, has accelerated the production of metro and tramway production. In order to reduce the dependency of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and reduce costs, the first tramway service and test drive was started at Topkapı Tram Station with the participation of Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.
32 billion TL investment in transportation
Noting that they have done many studies to solve the problems in the field of transportation, Mayor Topbaş stated that they have carried out the diversification activities related to transportation in Istanbul successfully. Noting that the local tram production is not an easy task, Topbas said, eden We have started many projects to solve the transportation problem since we took office. 60 Billion TL of our 32 billion TL investment is about transportation. We've recorded serious distances. As a result of a feverish work, we have demonstrated a truly remarkable success. Success on a different scale. We continue our efforts to solve problems in transportation, increase comfort and provide improvement. Ulaşım
Dolar The 250 dollar is being produced under the dollar 1 “
In 1995, a tram hand holder is brought to the 250 dollar, indicating that Topbas, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality during the period he gave an instruction and the production of the production in Istanbul, he said. Topbaş continued his speech as follows: anak In 1995, a record was brought to the dollar 250. Which budget is based on it. Then, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan ordered such a simple material to be produced in Istanbul. Minutes of the current price of approximately $ 250 dollars were produced under the dollar 1. Now we're making a wagon. 3.5 can't get under a million euros. We cost 1.57 million euros. 50 percent cost less. How do we make all these investments. This is done by saving them. We'il work harder. Our goal is to serve our nation to bring this country to the place it deserves. Bizim
"Istanbul technological developments going forward while putting Turkey model" the Mayor Topbaş said, "Our responsibility is not only to solve the problems of Istanbul. Turkey also make a big brother, we aim to ensure the development and solve the problems, "he said.
Domestic production contributes to the training of future engineers
Mayor Topbaş stated that domestic tram production contributed greatly to the country not only in terms of cost but also in terms of technological experience and education, “This work is an engineering marvel. The work, which started with the production of spare parts, has now become domestic in all aspects of design and software. These are the leading light metros produced in Turkey. 2 of them landed on the rails. 16 will come. Calculate how much profit we made. Also a technological experience kazanwe are eating. Our students come from our universities, they do internships, they see closely, they learn practically. It trains engineers and technical people of the future. It's not just about building a wagon and getting in it. It has become an educational establishment. It shows different opportunities to our future generations. Tomorrow, these students will do better.”
“In the near future there will be no need for individual vehicle use“
Topbaş stated that they would not need to use individual vehicles in Istanbul in the near future and said: ac No one is driving in Rome. We will bring Istanbul to this point. We have new work. We are trying to equip Istanbul with rail systems to the extreme. We feel compelled to take steps that will set an example to the world. We are trying to uncover a Turkey-speaking technological developments. We walk the future together. Tomorrow will be very different from yesterday. These wagons are good. Hopefully, our services will be added in many areas. We are the leading generations. The next generation behind us will reveal much better of them. Ark
50 savings on local production cost
In addition to the four previously produced tram cars, two new vehicles have come down on the rails with its face and technology. A hundred percent of Istanbul's local tram cost half the price of a vehicle with similar characteristics in the same class. While new vehicles are using technology that is close to aircraft technology, while the equivalent vehicle is 3.2 million euro, RTE Istanbul vehicle was produced in 1.57 million euros. 2014 is scheduled to join the fleet more than the 16 domestic production tram to the end.
Successfully passed all security tests
These vehicles, which can be used as both light metro and tram, are designed in accordance with the conditions of Istanbul. Hundred percent of Istanbul native trams comply with international standards, and under the supervision of accredited organizations, they passed the necessary safety tests, especially functional tests, static and dynamic tests, cruise safety tests, performance and brake tests, and received certificates of conformity.

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