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No Way to Walk: 30 For the March elections, AKP candidate from the AKP, but not nominated, former President of Saraybahçe Municipality Halil Vehbi Yenice spoke to our newspaper for the first time after the nomination of the candidates. . Of course I'm offended, Yen Yenice said. They didn't even accept the nomination. But I will stay with the AK Party until I die. Someone will pay the errors of the errors made, Yap he said.
Halil Vehbi Yenicek, the former President of Saraybahçe Municipality, made a different dimension to the discussions of the tram project of the Metropolitan Municipality. Yenice said:
When I was Mayor, the transportation problem of Izmit in the Metropolitan Municipality was discussed. Münir Karaloğlu, Secretary General of the period, made me listen to the meeting. At that time, the passage of the rail system over the Walkway was discussed. On the Walkway, there are infrastructure networks within a meter of the place. Here, the rail system, if the tram passes, all this infrastructure should be carried. It was told by the experts that it was too expensive. Today, the ISU, the tram will pass the road to the bottom of the road to undertake the calculations. That would be a very wrong job. Bu
Yenice emphasized that my reach in the city of Izmit should be done with rubber wheeled metrobuses and continued as follows:
- Large metrobuses like Istanbul are taken. Cumhuriyet Caddesi is closed to other vehicles. The park is completely prohibited in İnönü Street. The problem of transportation with metrobuses running on their own private road is solved. Or money, you do metro. You take the rail system underground. For Tram, İzmit Istiklal Caddesi can be considered. It would be very expensive to go to the tram, and it would be a pity for Izmit.


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