Metrobus Expeditions in Istanbul


Due to the malfunctioning metrobus at the Altunizade stop, the flights were interrupted. While there was passenger density at the Metrobus stop, long Metrobus queues formed in both directions. While it was seen that some passengers got off the metrobus and proceeded on the metrobus road, some passengers argued with the metrobus drivers who did not open the doors.

A metrobus on the Söğütlüçeşme Zincirlikuyu expedition broke down at around 18.30 when it arrived at the Altunizade stop. When the Metrobus driver could not fix the fault, he informed the authorized unit. Due to the malfunction, while the long metrobus queue was formed at the stop, disruptions occurred in the expeditions. Passengers getting off the metrobus walked on the metrobus road. While some passengers showed their reactions by trying to stop other metrobuses, some passengers banged on the windows of the metrobuses and asked the drivers to open the door. After the metrobus driver opened the door, the passengers on the way to the metrobus ended the debate. The Zincirlikuyu direction of the Altunizade stop was closed to traffic and the malfunctioning metrobus was repaired here by the teams. Meanwhile, metrobus services were gradually made from the direction of Söğütlüçeşme. After the elimination of the malfunction of the metrobus, approximately one and a half hours later, the services returned to normal.

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