SAMRAY in Ramadan

SAMRAY Ramadan Bereketi: SAMULAS General Manager Akın Üner, increased the efficiency of the air conditioning in the tram in the month of Ramadan, the number of passengers increased by 10-12 level, he said.

Before the end of the air conditioning maintenance period by the companies that bought the trams, air conditioning maintenance of the trams serving the inner city transportation was started by SAMULAŞ employees.

The air conditioners, which are maintained by the 16-person team of Ümit Özsoy Bostancı, the first and only woman Electrical - Electronics Engineer, Electrical Maintenance Supervisor, and Ahmet Erdal Meriç, the Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor, working in the workshop in the transportation sector within its structure, adjusts the hot-cold balance in the trams and gives importance to human health. giving. Air conditioning maintenance on trams is also carried out between 4-5 days.

Stating that the summer months are the least in the number of passengers in terms of trams, SAMULAŞ General Manager Akın Üner said, “The summer period when the university and schools are closed are the periods when the number of our passengers is the least. With the arrival of Ramadan, we are experiencing the lowest number of passengers in the year. But this year's Ramadan brought blessings to SAMULAŞ. When we compare the numbers of passenger transportation in the month of Ramadan last year and this year, we see that it increased by 10-12 percent. The number of our passengers, which was 32 thousand last year, is currently on the 34 - 36 thousand band. We wondered and investigated the reason for this increase. Passengers pointed to air conditioners in our research. Our friends also made R&D work on air conditioners this year. They increased the efficiency of air conditioners. Our passengers now prefer comfort. The more these trains are used by the people of Samsun, the more we are happy, ”he said.

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